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hmm, i'm have 2 pc which run win98 and winxp. HOw to connect it using a gateway (for internet connection)?? is it just connect the parralel cable to both pc?? what else should i do??
I take it you mean a router (the more common term)? Just connect one CAT5 cable fro each computer to the LAN side of the router. Then connect your DSL/Cable/whatever to the WAN port of the router.
If you want the Windows XP box to be an Internet Gateway, you need to enable Internet Connection Sharing on that box, and set it up as the ICS host.

Connect the Win98 box to the XP box via a crossover-cable, and set it up to automatically obtain an IP address from the gateway. The XP box acts as a DHCP server and auto-assigns an IP address to the 98 box.

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