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Congrats NetRyder

Thanks napalm. :)

I believe that list was put together during WinHEC itself. It was meant to be a way for people to find info on stuff that was happening while it was happening. I was very excited to see our blog on that list since it means we get more exposure in the online tech community. I'm planning to do something similar if I get a chance to attend the PDC in September this year.

Most importantly, I hope the folks here enjoyed reading the blog and checking out all the pics. After all, it was mainly meant for all of you. :)

Electronic Punk

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Looks like Jed added it for you.
Suprised Brian Kvalheim was there, spent alot of time drinking with him and when I asked him about WinHEC, he had no idea what it was!
Yep, either Jed (more likely) or Scoble.
Scoble had a post up asking for links to WinHEC blogs. I obviously left a comment with a link to ours, and it appeared on the page a few hours later, so I don't know who was responsible. :D

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