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Confussed HardDrive Problem


.:: FTPAlex ::.
Hello everyone (Its my Birthday today 2nd December)

Recently i have bought a new motherboard and i installed all the hardware, soundcard, graphics card, processor, RAM, HardDrive and it all works fine but then i decided to put in another Harddrive to increase the Space but as soon as i installed the other hard drive, my computer wouldnt work at all. Power goes on but the Harddrive light stays on and nothing comes up on the screen. It doesnt load anything from the computer and it doesnt make any kind of loading noises. But as soon as i take out the extra harddrive, the computer is working fine again and it loadz perfectly like before. Does anyone know what could be the problem? I would really like to have another Harddrive in the computer

Thank you for your time

Sincerly Alex :(

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Are you setting the spare hard drive to slave? Have a look at it & it should have markings on it. Also make sure the bios is picking it up as slave.


.:: FTPAlex ::.
it is as a slave yea... the hard drive has been in another computer already as a slave and it has worked fine. It being noticed on the Bios maybe alittle difficult because i dont even think it loads up to the BIOS.. like i said, nothing on the screen comes up and there is no noises from anyting (ie, hard drive, floppy, CDrom etc.) :(
Can you pull out something else and make it work (hdd, cd)? I'm sort of leaning towards PSU problem at the moment. How big is it?


.:: FTPAlex ::.
Thank you BonyTony :D...

How bigs the harddrive? The hard drive is 120GB Western Digital 5200RPM (i think, i know its 5000 somethin). The motherboard is new i will try looking at the taking something else out later on and let you know how i got on.. thanx for your help so far :)

Sincerly Alex
I know Hipster Doofus has said this but have you checked your main hard drive to make sure its not set to slave as well....try your new drive on setting cs.


.:: FTPAlex ::.
Thank you everyone for your help.. I managed to sort it out now. I didnt realise it gave me very little time to press del during the start up before it froze.. i did a little Mission impoissible on my PC.. quickly pressing Del, then rushing around the Bios to make it autodetect the harddrive.. "all in a days work".. lol.. Thanx everyone for your help :)

Sincerly Alex


OSNN Senior Addict
You can have up to 4 IDE devices (hdd, cd) in your computer without having an add on card, or if you motherboard has RAID, you can have more. So if you've only got 1cd drive you're in luck
Just a friendly note: Putting a harddrive on the same cable as a CD device will slow down the harddrive. As long as it's not your main system drive you should be ok though.


OSNN Senior Addict
Have two on the primary IDE cable (one master, one slave), and have the third on the secondary IDE cable as master, and change the DVD to slave.
That depends on what your CD-ROM is set to.

About the bugging: Ask as much as you want, it's you birthday! :D

(Tomorrow we won't be as nice. ;) j/k)

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