Conflicting program with AVG?

I recently purchased an Acer 5003 laptop and am having a reoccurring problem during start-up. It appears that the AVG anti-virus sometimes conflicts with another application attempting to start. When this occurs, the AVG icon does not appear in the lower right corner tray, even though the program indicates AVG is operating, and the system will not connect to the Internet nor turn off and shut down XP. I have to hard boot the system by manually turning the machine off. Usually, it will then restart OK.

If anyone can give me a clue on a fix, I will appreciate it greatly.



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Re: Darber

Do you have any idea what program it is conflicting with?

Might be possible to get it all setup to co-exist.


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You can check your error reports to see what it is also .. Also you can go in safe mode and disable one start up item at a time to see what it is that is doing it ..


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i had a similar problem where i installed avg recently when i had another antivirus program and my computer would free all the time, i couldnt remove the other antivirus it would keep freezing before it could finish and i couldnt remove it in safe mode, the installer doesnt allow it, so i removed avg in safe mode, then retsarted removed the other antivirus, and reinstalled avg, all is fine now
why anyone still insits on AVG when you can get kaspersky free from aol is beyond me. Do schools not teach common sense these days???


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You don't need to go into safe mode to modify startup items. Click on Start, go to Run, type "msconfig" (no quotes) and hit ENTER.

Go to the startup tab, disable everything at once to verify AVG can startup and run by itself without error. If it doesn't, I would un-install/re-install AVG. If it does, re-enable the items one by one - only the ones you need, there is usually a bunch of stuff that starts with your PC you don't need - until you find the culprit.
Its called Kaspersky AV. The worlds best all they did was put the AOl badge on it. You are quite stupoid if thatst the only reason you are using an inferior virus scanner on your pc putting yourself at risk of infection.


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Can we please try to keep this thread on topic, helping the poster with his questions and problems. There are already other threads about which AV is better for each opinion.

K, thx :)


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Its called Kaspersky AV. The worlds best all they did was put the AOl badge on it. You are quite stupoid if thatst the only reason you are using an inferior virus scanner on your pc putting yourself at risk of infection.
Aol badge or not, I am not using something that is infested with AOL crap. I wouldn't call AVG a inferior virus scanner either, it has worked great for me and millions of other people. Just because you think a program is better than another, and another person don't won't to use it does not make them stupid !! I think someone needs to learn a little bit of tact before they respond to something ..

I know it's off topic, your post pissed me off. I would never have done anything as immature as you did with your comment ..


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Allright, let's calm it down. This isn't a thread about which is a better AV program. If you need to have a heated discussion, take it over to PM.

Thanks to each of you for taking the time to respond to my issue. I have uninstalled/reinstalled AVG several times, with the same result. I am going to follow Kcnychief's suggestion, and I'll let you all know how it turns out.

Happy Holidays to all!

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