configure ftp server behind SMC router

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by chenwei, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. chenwei

    chenwei Guest

    just wonder is there anyone who setup ftp server behind SMC router successfully to be accessed from public? I can do it in BR firmware settings but not ABR one, coz i can't find the way to open range of ports...



    these are my current settings...
  2. open_source

    open_source Guest

    You need to open port 21 to the computer that is running the server.
  3. chenwei

    chenwei Guest

    ya, but my ISP blocked port 21, so I am using port 2130 instead, according to smc website, it said port opened for ftp server n port - 1 for data port for ftp server, i opened both already.

    so, in my case it's able to connect but when it go into pasv mode (even normal port mode, not pasv) it will get socket error.

    anyone know how i should do?

  4. keylo

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    depending on what ftp server software you are running ie ServU, G6/bpftp, ect... you need to put a check in somewhere and specify the pasv port range in order to use pasv mode

    **note, next time when asking a question for a problem, please include all necessary info, it makes it easier for others to answer your question without having to waste time waiting for you to respond to what other info is needed, and you get a direct response faster also
  5. chenwei

    chenwei Guest

    i specified the port range already, it's from 1100-1120, found out that i need to set 1 by 1 from 1100 to 1120 in virtual server, stupid smc, previous filmware was able to specified port range but not now... :mad: anyway i opened 1100-1105 for pasv, so far working fine, dun care already :p

    sorry about the lack of information provided, thanks for all u all help ;)