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Conexant AC-Link 56K Modem


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I need a driver for a AC-Link bus 56K Modem on a Gateway Brookings Motherboard. It is for a Gateway Essential 700c. The PC is listed on the WinXP HCL as "WLP 2.0 Compliant" (whatever that means). However, there are no drivers on the CD (It's XP Home). I can't check Windows Update because i can't get on the internet without a modem :(

Windows 2000 drivers give an error and will not install. Gateway will not support XP on this comptuer and has not released drivers.

Anyone know where i can find one?

I'm not exactly sure if this is the right one. I went to gateway and it says this XP driver is for the 56K AC-Link Voice Modem (Brookings Motherboard).

I downloaded it and put it on my ISP, you can get it here:


The installation instructions are here:
You're mailbox is full, couldn't reply to your PM. I went to Gateway and did a driver search for "modem," and it came up under XP drivers.


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Yea. I had a crapload of sent messages saved. Guess those will full the box up. I'll probably try the drivers soon, they are for a client (I work as a in-home computer tech).

Thanks Again,

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