condolence to the botched heart-lung transplant teen

I feel quite bad about it. I felt sorry for the girl when they messed up once, and now she's dead.

Really, that doesn't seem fair to me.

If " it was meant to be that way " and part of something we don't understand, it certainly feels cruel.

My condolences go out to that girls family.

Don't quite know what else to say on the topic. :(

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
It's never 'meant to be that way'. Just something that happens. Could it have been avoided? Why hell yes. Things like that should never happen. Probably someone was having a bad day, like a hang over or something. Let's hope it wasn't a case of 'couldn't be bothered checking the paper work'. :mad:
And if it was a case of " wrong paper work "...that person....I would personally splatter them along the street same way the spread snow around with backhoes.


Originally posted by Nick M
Hmm, I'm not sorry, you could look it up if it interests you, I don't have to.
I searched for it on Google but it had so many articles about different people, I didn't know what to choose, so I posted here about who was it!
Google News Section Zanwar :p

Lookie , just clicking on the tab


Mexican Teen Dies After US Hospital Botches Transplant
Voice of America - 35 minutes ago
A Mexican teenager who survived a botched heart-lung transplant in the United States, and then got a second set of donated organs, has died.

Link and 867 related ยป :eek:

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