Condi Rice or......

Who would make a better Secretary of State?

  • Condaleeza Rice

    Votes: 5 17.2%
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Votes: 4 13.8%
  • Peewee Herman

    Votes: 4 13.8%
  • A Fruitcake

    Votes: 16 55.2%

  • Total voters
IMO fruitcakes are the best option. and there so suheet! wait that's gay........ actually how abt osama bin laden, why? if u take him there wont be anymore terrorist attacks on america.

Perris Calderon

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I think he should consider me...then I'll change my position on how effective are his policies

For example, I will then agree that we belong in Iraq, and I will also agree that we should of course be investing more of our defense resources in Iraq rather then inversting resources against the people that attacked us and we were correct when we secretly diverted our resources away from the hub of terrorism.

I'm sure I can convince the masses of the above....this seems like an easy job.

I will also agree that when the president was told we were about to be attacked in written documentation, that it would be a good idea to ignore the authors of that warning, and ignore those that implored the him to defend this country

I will swear top to bottom that going on vacation was the very best course of action iin that situation, and matters similar

I could be good at this position.

I will tell you that it's not president bush's fault that Iraq abounds with terrorism, when before his unprovoked attack Iraq was not a threat

I will swear on my honor this result has nothing to do with this presidents policies

I'm sure I can be convincing, the public is very easy to convince in these matters

and I will try to get everyone to ignore the fact that we gave the terrorists (that weren't even there before we meddled) 600 tons of military fire power....convincing people that wasn't his fault won't be nearly as hard as an inteligent person might will be easy.

I will also somehow get the press to give look the other way on all of these things...and if they say anything critical at all, I will say they have no patriotism

I'm telling you, I would be very convincing in all regards, not only the defense of this country;

I will tell everybody it's good economic strategy to take everything everyone has saved toward their retirement and give it to rich people...beleive it or not, people will buy this when I say it....I will also tell everyone it's a better idea to give each and every wealthy person $5000 of free money then it is to use that money to secure our ports.

then in four years I will right a book and tell everyone that I didn't mean any of what I said.

please put me up there in the choices if you don't mind...put me under pee wee herman...I feel like he is a kindred spirit


F@H - Is it in you?
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I think condi's just fine... she is well qualified and has smarts... I prefered powell but condi is better than anyone else I can think of with the administration right now...

Perris Calderon

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Dr. rice is the person that neutered the principle meetings on anti terrorism...daily meetings intended to make aware any and all new information concerning terrorism, activities and strategies, and put into action the proper defense

and while this is because Bush thought the Clinton administration was "obsessed" with terrorism and getting bin laden, Clarke never the less warned Rice of how important these meetings were, and what was likely to happen without them...his warnings and Clinton's concerns were correct, weren't they

it's because of Dr. rice's ineptitude that Clarke resigned

I blame rice as much as bush for the failure of our anti terrorist league and I blame them both for the attack on September eleventh

she's also the person that "couldn't imagine an airliner being used as a missile"

she rescinded that statement days later admitting that that scenario was not only known before the attack, but considered likely

she also sold out her integrity when she told us that the precise warning of the impending attack was "historical"

she says this though the aids that wrote the warning tell us that they made it crystal clear that the warning was an imminent concern.

so she either lied deliberately, or didn't follow up on that document warning of the attack about the occur

either scenario, it's an irresponsible performance, and she should have been removed from the position she held, surely not given a promotion

she's inept as far as I can see


The Iconoclast
Yea all that (what perris just said) and she's freaky looking too, that big 'ol smile with them big 'ol teeth inside.....scared.....rice'll get me..... ::runs:::eek:
thanx for the welcome Zarband . condi is just a female version on bushy, wat he says, she says. actually it wont matter who gets the position, the world is gonna end soon anyways :)


The Iconoclast
Haha, no problem man, try to be friendly and helpful to everyone. So whadda ya think it'll be? Biowar? Nuclear holocaust? famine? Maybe thats a good thread to start up? How will the world end? Personally, my vote goes to the army of futuristic midget cyborgs marching on earth as we speak. :eek:


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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Sazar said:
I think condi's just fine... she is well qualified and has smarts... I prefered powell but condi is better than anyone else I can think of with the administration right now...

well that's one good post I have read so far
Saddam was prolly gonna finish the world with his WMD but......he could have been more inventive in his choices of WMD that he
could have unleashed against the West. Why limit yourself to nuclear,
biological and chemical weapons when there are so many other items that
can be used as WMDs? Such as:

Pillows - Everyone knows that once a pillow fight starts, there's
virtually no stopping it until the last one breaks, or your mother comes
in yelling.

Potatoes - When loaded into a spud gun, even the humble potato can
become a menacing weapon. And loaded with carbs, potatoes mean certain
death to Atkins dieters.

"Your call is important to us" messages - Used wisely, these can
indicate to someone that their call is important. Played constantly for
over an hour, they can spark spontaneous melt-down in which the victim
becomes a blood-thirsty killing machine. Saddam could have learned a few
things from the Microsoft support line.

Fart Gas - Worse than the mustard gas that wreaked so much havoc in the
trenches of WWI, a really noxious fart can induce vomiting in an entire
room full of people. And since the national dish of Iraq is Pacha
(stewed sheep's head, stomach, and feet), Saddam would have had millions
of them at his disposal.

Coca Cola - Coke dissolves teeth left in it for a science experiment.
Imagine the damage millions of litres raining down on a city would do.

Paper Clip Straighteners - If Saddam had devoted his time to perfecting
this weapon, the US military would have been in disarray. They'd have
nothing to hold their files in order. Imagine the utter chaos.

Balloon animals - They make kids squeal with excitement. And enough high
pitched squealing can generate destructive sonic vibrations which could
flatten buildings and entire cities.

Oil - Iraq has millions of barrels of crude oil just waiting to be burnt
in motor cars. And we all know that burning fossil fuels leads to global
warming, which will lead to the end of the world. There is no more
potent weapon in Saddam's arsenal.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - With about 4,506 kills in some 37 movies, the
Governator is possibly the world's most lethal WMD.

Beer - The perfect dual strike weapon. Victims willingly use it, and it
destroys brain cells by the thousand with every mouthful. Then, the next
morning, victims want to die.

McDonalds - the fast food chain has been slowly clogging nice healthy
arteries for decades, it's the ultimate chemical weaponary. And you can
make a profit while you're at it.

Anything Shiny - It would distract Americans at least.

Old Ladies in Cars - They drive no faster than 15 mph, and turn left
from the right lane, thus destroying the entire national infrastructure
and logistics systems.

Spray Paint - If it can render chromies unconscious so easily with just
one bottle, imagine what a can the size of a nuke would do?

SMS Code - (1/2)It cn rely fuk u up wen trin 2 read it. U dont now
wat... (2/2) attk he might b planin next =)=)

AK-47s - Sly Stallone, by himself, can take out an entire army with one
of these. Imagine what all of Iraq could do! ...wait... they had

Money. Paper money dropped in large quantities out of an airplane flying
low over any American city would cause rioting and massive stampedes as
people fight over the cash, resulting in many casualties.

Celine Dion and George Michael songs played over and over - Enough to
make any man, woman or child cut their own ears off.

Beans- Think gas...
ah the midgets, thats top secret. after saddam got arrested the us decided not to release that part, coz they still developing their AMDS that is their ANTI-MIDGET DEFENSE SYSTEM.

ALSO wat if some one drops millions of porn mags on to New York, therell be soo many ppl masturbating thatll cause a tsunami of cum. maybe sum1 shud 'Sticks this post'! lol :lol
Elektro Slime said:
Saddam was prolly gonna finish the world with his WMD but...
I know your just joking here but far to many people actually believe this. I think the people that already have nukes and dislike us would be countrys to watch/disarm MUCH sooner then Iraq ever was.
uh oh, bushy gonna kill me when he finds out i spilled the beans on AMDS.

BTW just noticed my rep increased to 6 from 1 in like 2 hours, is that gud? im askin cuz every1 else got like hundreds of reps, but then again its only my 2nd day in the forums? also is there a way to know who have the rep points?

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