Condemned: Criminal Origins Help please with Installion


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22 Mar 2007
Everytime I go to install the game a screen pops up like if your wernt connected to the internet and tryed going on the internet....can someone please help me
Install a free firewall like Sygate or something and forbid it to access the internet. At least, I think that's what you're after.
well tryed blocking it and it didnt work, i have a screen shot of the error i keep getting.
Contact the game maker I am sure they offer support for problems , all game makers are happy to help their paying customers
ok will do, if anyone has anymore help please say somthing just in case
It sounds like the game makers web page is down or you are not logged on during install and the game is set to connect at install to verify it's a legal copy . Check the instructions to see if the game requires an internet connection to install and /or work.

I assume you are not logged on to the internet. In this case definitely call the game maker. They might have just assumed all purchasers have internet connections.

If you are logged on and have a router and it is not set to DMZ this might be the problem or if you're at school or work they might have access blocked.
I'm having the exact same problem!!! Did you figure that out? Please help me the game looks so fun! And scary... :dead:
Sorry for posting twice, the first one didn't come up until after I did the second one, so after I had made the first post and it didn't show up, I figured something was wrong and decided to post again.
apparently the problem is caused by an incompatibility between the game's autoplay function and Internet Explorer 7. Try Start, Run, D:Setup (if "D" is your DVD drive). Installation should proceed normally. worked for me, hope this helps.
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