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Concurrent Remote Desktop for Windows Vista


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The XP Hack is probably one of our more popular tech threads. I found this on the internet for Vista and wanted to post it as well.

I found the article over at Download Squad, who talked about the hack discussed on The Green Button, and also a great, complete guide written and posted by Alan Cooke

Here is a snippet from Alan's page, being the quick and dirty details:

  1. Download Sunmorgus' hacked Termsrv.dll file HERE
  2. Now, Vista's security needs a little massaging to allow you to modify the original termsrv.dll file, found in C:\Windows\System32, so....
  3. Click Start, then type "cmd" in the search box & hit enter. This will launch the Command prompt
  4. Type the following & hit enter: takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\termsrv.dll
  5. Then type this & hit enter (NOTE: Replace USERNAME with YOUR USERNAME!! If your name has a space in it, enclose it with quotes, like "Mike Garcen"): cacls C:\Windows\System32\termsrv.dll /G USERNAME:F
  6. Then go to your Windows Explorer, and go to C:\Windows\System32
  7. Rename the original termsrv.dll to something else, like "termsrv.dll.ORIGINAL", just in case
  8. *NOTE* If you are unable to do the above, try rebooting into SAFE MODE
  9. Then copy & paste the Hacked DLL you downloaded in Step 1 into the C:\Windows\System32 folder
  10. And voila!
Then you'll also need to create another user. Remember, this doesn't let you connect 2 people to the same user account, so make another account & then just connect to that one & you should NOT be disconnected.
Should be noted this will only work for Vista Business and Vista Ultimate, as it appears those are the only two that support Remote Desktop


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Venom, you can have multiple sessions open at once. This hack only applies to RDP connections TO Vista. When you RDP into Vista it kicks out the user currently logged on and/or locks the computer.

From Vista though, you can have as many connections out as you'd like.


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You need a seperate account for this to work, you can't login twice with the same user account. If you try to login with the same user account, you will either force them off or get some weird message, not sure really.

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Well in XP if you log into the user that's already logged in then it would simply lock that user out and let the remote user use that account. I'd imagine Vista would be the same, I'd test it but I decided to revert back to XP.


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i remoted in from a vista laptop to my vista PC and it does lock out that account you logged in to. I have not tried creating a second account on the PC to see if my original "main" account will get locked if i log in as the second user via remote.


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MRDP - Vista: Self Installing Patch

I have created a self installing patch for Windows Vista to allow concurrent remote sessions.

This Version works with:
  • Works with Ultimate, Business, Home Premium & Enterprise Edition.
  • Works with 32-bit & 64-bit versions.
  • Works with Original Release & Service Pack 1

Update Version 11 (March 30th, 2008):
  • Now works with Windows Vista Enterprise Edition.


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lol.. no kidding. A guy with a first post offering an executable..

Maybe i'll load up a test vista machine in vmware and try it - it will have to wait until I get back to work on Monday though..


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Does anyone know if this replaces RDP version 6 with the old XP RDP 5? RDP 6 that comes with vista looks cool and is a good improvement, but its a shame if this patch reverts it to RDP 5.

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I only tend to use the same account so don't really need this patch.
Quite happy that accessing from work locks my desktop.

Can't check the file from here (can't check .exe's) but I guess it will be easy enough to check out what it does.


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I have uploaded the 4th update of MRDP - Vista.
- Better Information
- Checks if Service works.
- Support for Home Premium.
- Support for 64 bit editions.
- Automatic Requirements Check.


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I have uploaded the 4th update of MRDP - Vista.
- Better Information
- Checks if Service works.
- Support for Home Premium.
- Support for 64 bit editions.
- Automatic Requirements Check.
I've tried to use the .exe you uploaded but some of the dll's are corrupt. Any chance you could upload them again?

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