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concerning network speeds


.:: FTPAlex ::.
hello everyone,

i was just reading up befor about a slowness of network speed of not being 100mbps and i was concerned whether my network connection speed was slow. It says it is connected up at 10mbps but ive only noticed a maximum speed of 700kbps :huh:, is this normal? or should it be 10mbps? I will give you more details later on as i have to go to skool now. Thank you for your time if any of this information now can help you help me abit. Mostly apreciated


Alex :confused:
700kbps is about right for a 10Mbit network, note that this is fast!

lets call your 700kbps value your 'download' rate through your lan. Feel like its fast enougth now? :)

10MBit is a fine network speed even for larger enviroments and internet access links, say your NIC to Cable Modem.
As your CM is normally only ever 1Mbit to 3Mbit unless you happen to live in Korea where they do 10Mbit internet access :cool:

I would say everything pertaining to your speed is fine!


.:: FTPAlex ::.
thank you Enyo, i supose it is fast enough, it just conserned me knowing that its a 10MBits, i just was assuming a lot quicker speed.. maybe im asking to much of my home network :D ... lol

I dont supose there is any other way inwhich i can quicken up just a tad if any? Im using a USB Linksys EtherFast 10/100 Network Adapter with an RJ45 cable going to my network hub which connects 2 other computers and a DSL Modem (the Hub has 4 connectors). The other 2 computers have also RJ45 cables and Internal 10/100 network cards

Thank you for your time and thank you once again Enyo :cool:

Sincerly Alex :cool:

P.S Im home from skool now :p

XP Abuser

10 Mbits im moving to korea

no this is different measurement Mega BITS is the measurement of data transfer
While Mega BYTES is the amount of data transfered

its like saying Miles per Hour And miles travelled are the same (catch My Drift) so your OK Buddy:blink:
I guess you hub is only a 10Base Hub so thats why its running at 10 rarther than 100 right?

If thats case you can get a new hub :)

If the hub is 100 then you LAN card may be set to 10Mbit only rarther then senceing the speed. If thats the case then its a matter of changing a setting.

Hope your day at skool was good Alex :D

XP Abuser, Japan and S.Korea both offer broadband at 10Mbit. Shall we go start a nerd village?


.:: FTPAlex ::.
hello again :p

Ive just found out that my hub is a 10Base hub so now wonder its not running at 100 :p .. On the other hand, i did try and change my USB Network Adaptor to 100Tbase Full Duplex but then it said that my network was unplugged and i noticed that there were no lights on the network adaptor. So ive put it back onto AutoSense :p.. So, do you think i should get a faster hub? Would that definatly quicken up the speed? and if so by how much? like i said at the moment im seeing speeds no more than 700kbps

Lol thank you Enyo, i did have a good day at skool, certainly passed by ok.. nearly gotta detension (for forgetting to do homework).. but the whole class didnt do it so it was ok :p

I will join you at your nerd village if it means 700kbps connection on internet speed :D.. :p.. i dont know why but i would be happy to have 700kbps internet connection but i dont think im happy with 700kbps Network speed :p

Thank you for your time and i appeciate if you can answer the questions above..

Sincerly, your bud

Alex :cool:
Well stick with the 10Mbits unless your moving masses of data around on your LAN.

But that said if you have 30 quid to spare go out and get a new hub.

Stick another 0 on the end of your speed now to get what it would be on a 100Mbit LAN :p

My network is in two segments, one at 100 and the other at 10, i cant tell the differance between the two and i backup my systems over the network :)

Most apps wont exhaust all avaliable bandwidth anyway.

Just as a side note wireless LANS only run at 11Mbit so its hardly considered a slow or old speed to be stomping along at.

I could think of better things to spend 30 quid on but as i say if you got it avaliable why not!


.:: FTPAlex ::.
Thank you Enyo, :)

I think ill stick with my 10Mbit Hub unless im able to get one for free from sumwhere (the reason why i said that is because im getting some free pc hardware at the moment like a CD-Rom, Floppy Drive, Sound Card, Motherboard etc. , he might have a network hub lying around somewhere.. lol, doubtful :p)

I was just checking up at places for a network hub to see how much they cost and i can only find 10base hubs so i think ill stick with this one, does me no harm i supose, and its not like i have a 700kbps+ Internet connection.. I WISH! i only got 60kbps DSL, i like the sound of a leased line :p (Any connection speed so long as you can pay the monthly charge.. :D.. hmmm, 200Gbps.. lol ).. but extremely expencive :D

Who needs Japans 10Mbit connection when we can have better here in United Kingdom with proberbly like 30000Mbit :p.. lol

Sincerly Alex :cool:
Originally posted by Alex_is_Axel

Who needs Japans 10Mbit connection when we can have better here in United Kingdom with proberbly like 30000Mbit :p.. lol
Not if its left down to BT :rolleyes: hehehe

Originally posted by Alex_is_Axel

Thank you Enyo :)
No probs my advice is free :)

p.s I want free hardware too!
Lol, your right about the BT thing :p.... Altho, i have BT Openworld Broadband and i havent experienced any *touches wood* major problems with the connection or anything.. the worst thing was about 3 hour loss of connection but apart from that.. fine ever especially ever since i got this new DSL Modem *touches wood again*

What are you after Enyo? Im looking for a PCI Graphix Card, we could trade if you like :cool:
although i dont think you would wanna trade.. they arent exactly top of the range things i got.. for example..

a Floppy Drive
a 28x CD-Rom
a (Unkown Make) Sound card which is for a ISA Slot

.. and i may be getting some other things during the week hopefully



OSNN Sexual Deviant
There are 8 BITS in a BYTE. Therefore, if your home network is running at 10mbps, that is 10 MegaBITS. When you are transferring files, internet explorer and just about every other program in the world use BYTES to measure speeds. This is why you see the 700KB/s, that is 700 kiloBYTES.

To do the conversion, turn the megabits into kilobits by multiplying by 1024. So, it would be safe approximate that the speed of your home network translates to about 10,240 KiloBITS. Now to transfer to kiloBYTES, you just divide that number by 8. The number you get should be 1,280 which would be 1,280KiloBYTES per second of transfer or roughly 1.2MegaBYTES. Unfortunately because of TCP/IP overhead and various other factors, you will never see that speed.

For a lot of us, we have 1.5mbps(down) ADSL. The fastest speeds I have ever seen on a 1.5mpbs DSL line was 163KB/s, even though if you do the math, the fastest speed should be 192KB/s. I still dont quite understand why they sell bandwith in bits when its measured in bytes, that just tends to throw people off.

In any case, click here for a matrix that might show you what I am saying a little better.
Thank you for that Information BigPete, thats certainly helped me to understand about bytes and bits alot more.. i didnt even know a Yottabyte existed :p

Thanx once again BigPete :cool:

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