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Computers on the Network

I am on wi-fi and I want to see what other computers are on my network by IP. Is there a thrid party program out there that lists them? Going to my netowork places and so forth takes to long just like pinging a computers one by one.

If its your network the router has that information. Just open it's setup webpage and look at the DHCP clients page. It will list all users by computer name, MAC and IP address. Takes a couple of seconds opn my router.

If it is not your network then it falls under "why do you want to know" and "it's not really any of your business". Looking for that information on a public network is called hacking and frowned upon.


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Could also type the following from a CMD line:

nbtstat -r

This should display information for machines on your network, may be a tad easier than going into your router ;)

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