Computers in the War!


My friend just did some quick research on the laptops they've been usin in the war. These things are pretty friggin sweet! Specs are not all that high, but I've never heard of a laptop that can take this kind of abuse. :eek: Here's a little exerpt from their website.

No one tests their notebook computers like Itronix. Our testing lab is like a firing squad for computers. Could your notebook handle 54 repeated drops from 39" onto plywood over concrete? Could your notebook bake in a 140º F oven? Could your notebook operate at -4º F, be shaken like a can of paint, or handle being drenched in 4" of water an hour- all while running? Get a GoBook MAX and it will.

on the way home from work this morning i heard about these laptops on the radio. i think they said they sell for $4500. tough stuff indeed.

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Many years ago when “small” hand held computers were introduced into the battlefield along with “personal eye screens” that gave you an 800x600 flat screen view (comparison) from a small 1” eye piece; these had to withstand being thrown out the rear of a Hercules transport planes flying slow and low. They had no moving parts; solid states hard drives and no screens they were also hermetically sealed. However they were abandoned as they required things like battery packs that each soldier had to carry as part of his kit, not because of the weight but the fact that the batteries contained some dangerous chemicals that could burn right into your body under the right set of circumstances. Also network technology as applied to these (ten year old) devices required a control system in place almost at the point of use (large truck/aeroplane), which made the system vulnerable.

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