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Computer Wont Start Up


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Please help....I've got 2 problems....#1 when I turn on my computer, it's extremely difficult to get it to start up, its been doing this for about a month but, it's getting worse it's taking about 45 minutes to get it started. When I push the power button it does nothing, no light, no sound, nothing. I tried un-plugging the power cord and flipping the power strip to off then on and nothing, pushing the power button several times nothing. When it finally turns on, it boots up perfectly, no error messages or anything. Today, when I finally gave up thinking that it just wasn't going to come up, it tried to come up on it's on, the power light started blinking and the fans came on so I pushed the power button and it came right up, this was almost an hour after I had given up and wasn't even touching it. I have already changed the power strip, and I tried plugging it into a different outlet by itself, I have also checked that the cables inside were seated properly and nothing was loose. #2 Also at the same time that this has been happening when I try to shut down or put it into hibernation, the shutdown process goes fine, but when the screen goes black and the tower lights go off, all of a sudden the power lights go to blinking and the computer keeping acting as if its trying to re-boot, over and over until I push the power button and bring it back up again wait about 30 minutes and try to hibernate again, sometimes Im lucky and its just once or twice and sometimes it takes several times of this process to finally get it to hibernate or shut down. Just so I can go through the trouble of trying to get it to power back up the next time that I use it....I dont know what else to do... any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Probably the PSU but check these other things first:

Make sure the Bios is not set up to boot from keyboard
Make sure the Bios is not set up to boot from LAN
Make sure the LAN boot jumper (2 wires from LAN card to the MB) are disconnected.
Make sure that the Bios is not set to restart after fail, or restart after power on.

Any of these can cause weird start ups and shutdowns.

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