Computer won't power up at all?

It would not hurt to do so, provided there is some way to know if it POSTs or not.

I also forgot about the voltage issues between older vs newer psu's but at the moment just seeing the system will work in general the older psu you have should work
Ok so luckily the problem was with the RAM; specifically when I had taken it out and put it back in, one stick was just a tiny bit insecure which was causing the boot problem, so I reseated them all and booted again and it is working just fine now.

So at the end of it all, the initial problem was a failed power supply, which I switched out, and luckily it didn't take anything else down with it. My final cost of the operation was $5 for a molex-sata power supply converter, which is a pretty good price to fix a computer that was about as useful as a paperweight a few days ago.

Thanks for your guys' continued help. :)
Glad you got working and its amazing sometimes what problem can be as simple as a not completely seated memory stick

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