Computer will not boot after installing WC-202 Ultra


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16 Jan 2004
Hi all. Here's hoping someone can help me with this. It is not the best system in the world but it still does everything I need it to. First, the stats:

OS: XP pro
M/B: Soyo SY-KT600 PLUS V.1.0
Ram: 512 x 2 PC3200 DDR ( matched )
H/D: 160gig Seagate ide
HP dvd burner
Vid card: Ati Radeon X700 pro 256mb memory
Audio: Creative Sound Blaster Live Value
Cooling: Thermaltake Smart & Silent Volcano 9
Logitech cordless mouse and keyboard etc ....

I got a watercooling kit for Xmas, the Evercool WC-202 Ultra. All was working well before I installed the kit, now I can't boot into Windows even in safe mode. I have tried resetting the bios, swapped memory sticks, tried a different vid card, tried a different hard drive and tried the safe settings in the bios etc ... There were no leaks in the system, the flow is good in the cooler.
The hardware monitor in the bios tells me that the on die temp is around 76 celsius but the sensor from the cooling kit tells me that the temp is hovering around 36 to 40 celsius. When I first saw the bios temp reading, I shut down and removed the cpu to check it out and there is no way that the temp reported from the hardware monitor was correct as I felt just a bit of warmth after the 3 or 4 minutes it took me to remove it.
I have attempted to do a repair with the XP disk or to even format and reinstall but it gives me a BSOD almost immediately after copying the initial files. BSOD also in safe mode usually right at the mup.sys thingy.
Here are some stop errors that I get:

Stop: 0x0000007e ( 0xc0000005, 0x805a89e9, 0xf7505a28,
0xf7505724 )

0x0000008e ( 0xc0000005, 0x80882ae5, 0xf7c79e3c, 0x00000000 )

Does anyone have any ideas ? I have a feeling that maybe it's something with the board ? Arrrrrrggggg !!!!

Check the ram with Memtest as both of those errors are ram related in most cases.
I tried one stick out and swapped individually, no go. Can't use memtest, can't boot into the os. Is it likely that both sticks would go bad ? System was working fine before cooling kit. The only thing I have not tried yet was to remove the wc-202 and put things back as they were.
1) Put the HSF back on and see if the system runs ok and what the bios temperatures are. If everything looks good then:

2) Check that the water cooler is rated for the CPU you are cooling. I have seen some wimpy coolers that don't support high speed CPUs.

3) If the rating on the cooler is ok. Reassemble the water cooler making sure that it is installed on the CPU correctly. Make sure that the water lines are not too tight or stiff and pushing the heatsink off center. That will lift one side and take away most of the cooling.

PS What CPU and are you trying to overclock it?
AthlonXP 3200, not trying to overclock. I ran memtest on sticks individually and got no errors but still get the same bsod stop errors, i will put the hsf back on after work and see if it all goes back to normal. Will let you know how I make out. Is it possible for the ram slots to all go bad at once ? I realize that fact is stranger than fiction with these things.
Unlikely for RAM to fail unless you are overclocking it or a power supply blows out.

The North bridge chip on the MB controls the memory for 32 bit Athlons and Intel chips so check if it is being cooled adequately (fan died or water cooling block not attached properly). For the 64 BIT Athlons the memory controller is built into the CPU.
Ok, now I'm baffled. Removed the waterblock off the cpu but left the gpu waterblock on and reinstalled the volcano 9 and all is back to normal. On die cpu temp is hovering around 47 celsius on idle and external cpu temp is around 38. What can I do to utilize my cpu waterblock ? I removed, cleaned and re-applied thermal paste a few times to the block, it looked as though it made perfect contact with the die but the bios somehow refused to recognize that the cpu was thermally protected !!!! As I said previously, after seeing the initial on die temp reported by the board h/w monitor, I quickly removed the cpu to check it and found it to be cool as a cucumber, is there a way to disable the on-board thermal sensors ? And isn't it strange to get all those memory related stop errors ?
All is well that ends well :nervous: After all my hair pulling, I noticed that the thermal sensor lead was keeping the waterblock off the die just enough to prevent proper cooling. Now all is reassembled and my cpu and gpu temps are remaining around 36 celsius idle and 40 to 42 under load. I am now a happy camper. Thanks to those that offered suggestions.

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