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24 Mar 2002
I just OC'd and i would like a program that will analyze my PC to see what speed things are running at and such. any suggestions?
if u want to see your speed, can't you just go right click on your computer, properties?
You can't check the speeds of the PCI Bus etc. through System Properties.
oh ok, I didnt really know he wanted to check all that stuff too, he said speed.
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Thanks for the link to Aida...... had never heard of it before.
Gives Sandra very good competition.
Aida32 is by far my favorite sysinfo utility... It's free and there's not much that it won't figure out. Great to use when you wanna find out what's in the computer without popping the case and disassembling it... like trying to figure out what speed RAM modules you have. Instead of taking them out and trying to decode what's on the chips, just use AIDA and it reads the SPD (provided there is one). Also works great for finding out exactly what chipset the motherboard has (great for Dells, Compaqs, etc, which hardly ever really tell much). two thumbs up for AIDA32... hope he never decides to charge for it.

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