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Computer shutting down randomly.


Birmingham UK
AMD 64 X2 4600, Foxcon mobo, 2 x 1gb DDR2, Antec 400watt PSU, Nvidia 7600GT 256mb, Silverstone case.

This computer is having problems. After running perfectly for two months when I was playing a game of Tetris it suddenly shut down, I restarted it and when the bar on the splash page was going across it shut down again.
I restarted it and went into the BIOS and the temperature was 68c, so I changed the HSF(Foxcon standard one) for a Coolermaster one which I used on the previous board.
After running Ok for about an hour I tried Tetris again and after about half an hour of playing it shut down again.
I then reset the BIOS to defaults and no difference, the temperature in the BIOS seems to be about 10c above what Everest & PCWizard say.
I then changed the graphics card from a 7600GT PCI-e to a PCI 32mb card (as it was the only spare I had and it seems to have cured the problem, but the graphics are crap.
I checked for a BIOS update, but seem to have the latest, can anyone shed any light on what might be causing this, as I have no hair left to pull out.
with you simply switching out the card perhaps the gfx card is faulty? Or worse the PCI-e slot may be faulty i suppose.

If you can get a hold of another PCI-e card and test it with that, you might be able to eliminate that! Never had the problem myself tho, so might be shooting in the dark :)


hardware monkey
i vote for faulty power supply, overheating, or maybe even the front power button.

i had a bad power supply that would shut off between 20 seconds and 20 minutes after being turned on or waken up.

if it's overheating, it will probably only happen when you're playing a game or stressing the cpu. and it will likely shut down again shortly after you restart. it will have to be let to cool before it will stay working for a length of time.

i have one system now that has a trippy power button. at first windows would go to standby randomly until i turned that option off in power management. then it started abruptly powering off and, when turned back on, power back off after 4 seconds. just a bad button with a mind of it's own.


Birmingham UK
Thanks to you all for your replies, I found another 7600GT in my spares box and so far it seems to be running Ok.
I will definately keep an eye on the PSU, I used an Antec PSU tester on it and it said it was OK, but that does not test the PSU under load.


Birmingham UK
Maybe not.:laugh:

As it was running so smoothly, I thought I would give it a go with Prime95, big mistake, eight minutes into running Prime and it shut down again.
So it looks like buying a new PSU.
As I use a Seasonic on my other computer I will get one of those.
If it still shuts down with the new PSU then the Novatech bundle I brought will be going back as it is only two months old.

If it is the Antec PSU, that is the second one I have had that was faulty.


Birmingham UK
I have had lots of parts from Novatech and if it is faulty it will be the first time.
I have just ordered a Seasonic 500W PSU, it should be here on Tuesday so I will see what happens then.


Birmingham UK
It arrived today, and I ran Prime95 for two hours with no problems.
As that is the second Antec PSU that I have brought that has failed, I will stick with Seasonic in future.
Thanks to all who replied.

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