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computer seems to be a little slow...

hey. my pc seems to be slow because i was tryign to burn lots of CD's this week and even when i put it on 12x it still makes it seem like my PC is about ot freeze. I use to be able to do it @ 32x and have things runningg smoothly but thats not the case anymore. could it be from my second stick of RAM (it might be defective)????? my cpu is an athlon 900mhz btw.


it maybe a ram issue, not having enough memory. also burning cd required you too have at least 1GB of free space in your hard drive. Another thing is to check your msconfig, disable the program you dont wanna start up with windows because those program take up memory. also service tweak your system, turn off some of the windows tool you do need, can speed up your pc and free up more memory.

you have to have 1gb of space free??? well you just solved my problem! lol....let me try freeing up space and burning some cds and i'll see if it lags or not...thanks

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