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Computer restarts on its own...


Delta Phoenix

Dunno what's causing this. It's done it twice so far.

First time I had just rebooted from a lockup and it restarted about 1 minute after the reboot.

Second time I was in the middle of playing Diablo 2.

Should I kick this thing or something?


I had the exact same problem for quite a while........theres 3 things I found that it could be.....

1. Overheating - If the computer overheats it will more then likely just restart on its own

2. Power Supply - If you have alot of peripherals, drives or fans.... anything that could be using alot of power and your power supply isn't large enough to handle it all, that could be another reason.

3. Virus - I doubt very much this is it but still a possibility.....

I got a new p4 case with a 350W p4 power supply and It hasent happened to me yet!

By the way, depending on the specs of ur system, gaming could be using alot of ur pc, which could cause it to restart for no reason :cool:


What's happening is that you've crashed. There's a blue screen but you have automatically rebooted upon error. There's an option to change that so you can see the error messages. I am at work right now, so I cannot tell you where that option is. You could try to find it yourself. Go to My Computer, then Properties, then to Advanced. Next, go to Error Reporting or something.

The next time you crash, write down the error message and post it in the forum, and hopefully, someone will be able to help you.


so its the OS!?

hahahahaha......I just suggest not using XP if thats when it happens....Win2k was the best OS I have ever used......unlike WinXP Pro......I also had alot of problems with it so I went back to good ol' 2000 and everything works great! Still have an NTFS file system, only without the bugs of XP :D

no offence to XP users by the way.....its a great os, its just not for me ;)
Check your memory!!!

what you can alos try if none of those things work, try setting your memory settings the slowest possible in your bios, it could be that your memory doesnt support fast settings, use trial and error after by anabling one by one until it hangs to see which settings it doesnt support, hope that works,


Delta Phoenix

Well so far today it's restarted 5 times on it's own. I've gotten one blue screen which was caused by the sound card drivers.

I've had the sound card hooked up to my stereo for about a month now but I haven't had any problems with it. Can this cause damage to my sound card by having it hooked up to the stereo?

The last time it rebooted on it's own a song had just finished playing in Winamp. I don't believe this is what's causing it every time. One of the times it rebooted and as soon as it got to the logon screen it rebooted again. I know it doesn't run hot because it's watercooled. I've had the same 300W power supply since I built the computer and I haven't had any problems with it until now. I'm not sure if that's what is causing it though. I haven't made any changes to my computer recently except running the sound card through my stereo.


if you were fine earlier- before hooking the sound card to the stereo I would do the following...

1. Unhook from the stereo. Not likely to be the problem, but you never know....

If problems remain, I would then suspect the PS. 300W is usually sufficient, but I don't know what hardware you have.

- The only likely way hooking up to the stereo SHOULD be able to damage your system/ sound card outside of a drastic amount of power being piped into the card via a bass- ackwards hookup is an unregulated power surge. (you did protect your stereo, right?)


I have the same problem when I enable Memory Shadow in BIOS.

Try loading Defaults, Worked for me:)

Delta Phoenix

Here's my whole list of hardware.

Abit TH7-2 Intel 850 Chipset
P4 1.9 GHz
64 MB Radeon 8500
Lucent WinModem
Creative SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Platinum
Plextor 24x10x32 (or something like that, I forget)
80 GB Western Digtal Hard Drive

Forgot what kinda floppy, not like it matters :D

I'm not really sure how much power the watercooling pump uses. I've been using it for awhile and it hasn't caused problems. I'm about to do a virus scan just to make sure... I'll keep you posted.


mayb is ur creative soundcard prob.... but i'm not sure...
coz i also hav a similar prob.... whenever i play games such as gta, warcraft.... my com will restart.....

after checking all the driver, temperature and applications... i think it is my creative sound card prob. i update the driver then replace back the devldr.exe with microsoft update..... and now it works for me :D

Delta Phoenix

Could you send me a link to that Microsoft file?

I just downloaded the latest drivers for the card.


okay... u update ur driver alreadi rite??.... then download the file that i sent to you... then restart in safemode. Goto windows/system32 and copy the file i sent to u and replace it...
(***if u cant replace it, press ctrl+alt+del and end devldr process.... b4 replace it)

Delta Phoenix

That seemed to have helped. No problems... yet.

I'll keep you posted on any problems that arise.

Delta Phoenix

After about 3 hours of uptime with no problems after the new file, it restarted itself again. And this time, it didn't stop. It would do it continuously and not even give me a chance to get on the internet before it did it again. Many times it didn't even boot back into Windows before restarting again. I tried to go into the BIOS to check settings but it would restart every time I tried that. So I just turned it off and replaced my watercooling system with the stock CPU fan. No problems yet. Probably about 3 ½ hours of uptime so far with no problems. So I'm guessing it was the power supply. Looks like I need to go for the 400W...

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