Computer powers up but never starts-help?


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24 Jun 2007
I have a Compaq Presario that all of sudden will not start up. When I turn the power on it acts like it will start, the keyboard/mouse lights flash and go out, then the computer just keeps running but does not kick in.
The only thing I could think of was overheating but it was running fine when shut down a couple of days ago.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Which forum to post in?

Dumb question but I am new here and I have a general troubleshooting question - my computer does not start up - which forum is best for posting this question in?

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probably general hardware would be the best one.

also if you were looking at the main circuit board, the motherboard. do you know what you are looking for the different components or more of just a software user.

most common when i have seen this issue there devices on the motherboard called capacitors and they will bulge and leak over time. they can cause lack or or irregular power on the board therefor not have the system post.

also when the system beeps when it starts up. that means it has completed power on self test P.O.S.T LOL so that peep means its in working order.

does it beep at all?
I would suggest simply disconnecting ANY devices with memory, flash or otherwise, that you have connected and you should be fine.

Let us know if that works.
It's ok, I joined the site 2 months before you. I am more l33t :smoker:
Is the input setting correct on the display?

i.e. if it is a dvi signal, is that the correct set item for your display?

I don't know what display you have, I have 5 options on my display.
from what im gathering the board is not posting at all. so hardware issue inside the computer, umm best bet if u can pop of the side of the case and look for anyuthing burnt or the smell of burnt plastic.
also look for these things on the board.

the tubes (capacitors), they should be flat. its common of them to go bad. they will budge or leak or just blow off LOL. if those pics look like anything on your board then bad news.
also do you have any replacement parts kicking around? mainly like a video card or ram that is compatible with your computer, if so swap them out and see if it works
Alright leave the case off and powerup the comp. When you do there should be a light on the motherboard, that goes on. If the light goes on, then the notherboard is getting power, if there is no light then we can check the PSU.
I think your power supply is shot. It's giving enough juice to start booting and then peters out.
Alright leave the case off and powerup the comp. When you do there should be a light on the motherboard, that goes on. If the light goes on, then the notherboard is getting power, if there is no light then we can check the PSU.
Your right no light on the motherboard - is it the power supply?
I have to agree with Dreamliner,, sounds like the power supply
Well my new power supply finally showed up - after I plugged it all in the light on the PS blinks and the computer does not even power up now. did I get a bad PS? Why is this light blinking while the old one even stayed solid?
OK back to square one, I replaced the power supply and did the CMOS reset. Still when I turn it on the fans power up but nothing else works. when I plug in the keyboard the power light flashes but does not stay on.
remove all cards from the system even the video card, and try and power it up, if you hear beeping its more than likely its telling you that theres no video card in there and cannot complete the post, should this happen its your video card thats shot, somtimes the pc sees it then it dont, thats why it might past the test but dont have enought strength to put a picture out

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