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7 Apr 2006
I Know there is already a thread out there on Computer Names but I need to come up with a couple names for my network

I currently have :

GateKeeper : SmoothWall (firewall)
Nexus: Router
Guardian : Desktop
Bad_sector : PDA
: Laptop
: Cell Phone

I am looking for 2 names that go along with the above name for my Laptop and Cell Phone.


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Heres my computer network

My computer : Workhorse
My laptop: Mobilehorse
wifes computer: playhorse
kids computer: lazyhorse
I still trying to figure out one for my new laptop. Right now it's Michael-Laptop.

Btw graeme86 is a friend of mine.
mine are
Drz1> Desktop core2 duo
Drz mobile > laptop turion x2
Drz dj > djing desktop p4d
Well my network is as such:

SmoothWall Gateway: Nacelle
Parent's Desktop: Main
My Desktop: Evan
My Laptop: Michael-Laptop (thinking of naming it Liam or maybe Data)
My Treo: CodyMobile
My Server: Daryl
Sister's Desktop: Laura-Desktop
Sister's Laptop: Laura-Laptop (my old laptop)
File/Exchange Server: USM-FUSION
Web Server (Off Site): USM-FISSION
Production Box: USM-RIDDLEBOX
To quote Futurama: This is my sex box, and her name is SONY. ;)

Seriously though, I have the black beast which was the case my brother and I made from black sheets of plastic.
What's Drz stand for?

Whats USM stand for?
(d) the first letter of my first name (r) the second letter of my second name
z the last letter of the apphabet been using this from the first time I was asked for a username/handle some people think that i am a dr... I play along.
Mine are just named after me and my wife. I'm so utilitarian.
so i think that i will play off of this one and use FatalErroR for the laptop, and SkyNet for my Cell.

Use GeneralFailure if you want, not like I'm using it :p

Desktop> Squidge
MacBook> Boing
PDA> Beep
iBook> Meep (not used much anymore save for Mac PPC games)
Server> Famine
FileServer> Pestilence
:D I give my PC new names every time I have to re-install XP. So far, I've had: Bob, Markku, Teuvo and Inspector... yeah, there really is nothing on the telly!
My Computers are:

Wired ----> Desktop
The Beast ----> Gaming Laptop(17" widescreen lapfryer)
Peewee ---> Thin and Light Laptop(12" powderpuff)

My brother's laptop is Rerun
:D I give my PC new names every time I have to re-install XP. So far, I've had: Bob, Markku, Teuvo and Inspector... yeah, there really is nothing on the telly!

I don't go to that extreme. A major hardware change like the mobo or a new computer warrants a new name for me.

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