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Computer lags

dee dee

OSNN Junior Addict
Hi All
My problem is after doing a clean install of xp home and applying sp2 and all updates, my computer lags when i open folders for Example double click on a folder and its not instant responce the click sound lags behind, same when i click the back arrow, sound of click lags behind the action.
Im using latest Nvidia forceware drivers and directx 9c, i had 9b prire to sp2 install. Does any bright spark have any clues to why this could be happening
Would be much appciated
Thanks for now
Xp Home sp2
Nvidia Geforce 3 Ti 200 64mb
768mb Ram
Directx 9c

dee dee

OSNN Junior Addict
Hi Thanks for the quick reply
I've have just defraged the h drive, finnished in about 5mins. Cpu is Amd Athlon 1.3. This happend to me the last time i did a complete install of xp, i Think for some reason it was related to video, directx. I've tried nocking the exceleration tab back in display properties trouble shooter but its not doing much at all. I shall keep trying
I will post when its sorted


High On Life!
why did u defrag the h drive? shouldnt u defragment your c:\? btw which program are u using to defragment, u should use perfect disk its the best one, u can get a free trial, www.raxco.com, do a smart placement defrag and an offline defragment

dee dee

OSNN Junior Addict
computer lag

Sorry you got confused h drive short for hard drive, I can live with the windows defrag thanks, still not able to sort this its very laggy, boot time is quicker with sp2 i'll say that.
Back to the drawing board
See ya


High On Life!
no u cant live the with windows defrag, it sucks and thats probably why its lagging, i havent use the windows defrag in about 3 years

dee dee

OSNN Junior Addict
I'm using two 40gb hard drives, and using Norton Antivirus v8, in answer to the defrag in xp it has never been a problem before, i know its not very good to most people but in the time i've used xp it has never been the cause of lags why would it now?

dee dee

OSNN Junior Addict
computer dont lag no more

Thanks for all the replys, it turned out to be a bad video driver install,
just reinstalled nvidia driver and all has returned to normal thank god.
Nav 8 i have used since i've had the computer about 2 years and have never
had any problems with it only one or two times not updating but delete stuff in the common files folder cured this, never had any problems with defrag causing this much lag so it was a bad video driver install all along.
Best Regards

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