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Computer Is Going Nuts


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So I unplugged my computer, to move it to a new desk.

I plugged everything back in, exactly how it was. And it wont start.

You know how most computers (at least mine) when they first start, for about 1 or 2 secs, they are running full blast, you can hear all the fans at 100% and all that, and then calms down and starts up....

Well mine is doing that but won't stop, its just running everything at full blast but nothing will start. Nothing changed, nothing inside seems to be lose (even though what would cause that).


And yes, I checked all cables, resitted everything. I read many articles, similar but not same, saying the PSU or Videocard is dead. I don't think that is the case cause why would every fan and thing run at 100% and not load windows if it were dead.
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Check cpu fan to see if it's running. If it hung up in the move that could be your glitch.

I have also seen MoBo batteries be nearly dead and when you unplug them from AC power they won't back up. Check it or just change it see if it works.

Anyway, those are my ideas.
I had this happen to me once. My after market CPU cooler had come partially un-clipped somehow. It was still clipped on, and didn't move when I tried wiggle it to make sure it was still seated.

After about 3 hours of trouble shooting, and the 4th or 5th time I touched it, I guess I pushed on it right way hard enough that it clipped back on, and everything was fine.

Seems unlikely, but check that everything is seated 110%
I second the CPU cooler, stock HS/F and aftermarket units that use the push-clip type retainers come loose easily if jarred. Make sure the pin is rotated all the way clockwise before trying to push it back in. Sometimes they are hard to push till they "click", if it seems like it is going in but not clicking I would just about guarantee that is your problem. Push harder! Did I mention I hate that style of HS/F? :laugh:


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As I said I checked everything twice, I didn't though push hard or anything with the CPU. And everything is running, all fans are going, as I said they are all at 100% when I try to start the computer, but that is all that happens.

Any other ideas.

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remove all but the video card and turn system on - could be one is dead or not seated right - could be a dead drive


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That is one pain in the ass for just wanted to move the computer. And everything I have looked at is seating nice and tightly. But I know the only way I will know if I take it apart. I guess this is the time to by my new case, the one I have is too small and packed.

How do you test a mobo battery? Buy a new one? Darn..


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ps, going to pick up Coolermaster HAF932 case and corsair 750W psu right now....very nice case...


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do you have power on the other (new) outlet?
Do you mean do I have power from the outlet that I am using. my whole computer and tech devices is plugged into one big power serge thing. Everything else (even monitor) has power and works.

So I just got my new case and PSU and added everything to it, so everything is plugged in and checked and in a new area. Same issue, fans and everything run at 100%, nothing else.

I am starting to think it may be something simple, but what. The only thing I haven't tested, because I can't get a new battery, is that, the battery. I still don't think it would cause this kind of issue.

*edit moved the serge protecters outlet as well, same issue.


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does it get as far as the bios bleep? if so look in bios + see what is/isnt showing up.

If it doesnt get that far then my money is on ram/cmos as the very basic startup is cpu > cpu fan > ram> bios bleep.

Other thing if ram is ok is a corrupt bios, e.g battery related. u tried reseting the cmos jumper?


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So I tried a new power cable, tried without the serge protecter, and tried a whole new outlet (extension cord). Same issue, so its not a power thing.

And no it goes no where near the BIOS, basically it sounds and looks like only the fans, videocard fan, cpu fan, other fans are running at 100%. I can't tell if the harddrives are going, but i dont think they are. So its basically fans only.

I am about to look through the manual for my mobo to reset the CMOS. Yet why would that be, all I did was unplugged it, and plugged it back in, to move the comp...


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open your case and make sure all cards are tightly secured onto you mobo, also check your ram modules. If they are, take them all out and start with the videocard and 1 ram module and see if your pc starts up. If so put in a second card etc etc.

Have you tried to reset your bios to default values?


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Can't reset bios, remember, i get nothing at all. I jusd cleared the CMOS according to my manual, still the same thing. If it were a RAM or Videocard issue I would be hearing beeps and things like that. There is nothing of the kind.


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what happens when you back to the place your pc was before and plug in in there again?

Oh, and do you use grounded outlets?
Yea it's back to where it was, no different. And I assum all outlets are grounded, and it wouldnt all of a sudden change. It was working 10 hours ago or whatever it was. All I did was unplug it, move it to the new desk, and plug back in. So everything that makes sense, as in loose cords or lose parts, has been checked. This makes no sense.


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Removed the RAM, and started it, got the normal beep for it (constant), put them back in, in different order, same issue.

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