computer is acting weird

Hi, its a long story but let me summarize it. I bought a 2400+ cpu to install and it wasn't working. So im returning it b/c its defective.

So i put in my old 900mhz chip and it works and everything but I usually have to turn it on and off twice to get it working. When i press on the first time, I can hear all the parts starting up in the case but theres nothing on hte monitor. I think somethings wrong with my mobo? why does it work when i press the on and off button twice.


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We need more info on the MB (name, manufacturer, etc). Did you check if the 2400 will work on your motherboard. Since you're running a 900 mhz CPU it sounds like its an older MB. Some old MB will not run the new chips properly. Sometimes you can get them to work but not at their rated speed.

As for having to hit the power switch twice. The system might not be getting a good power up reset signal. That could be the power supply or the MB.
hey its a ECS K7S6A and its suppose to support up to 2600 with the new BioS which i did install. and yes i did put the heatsink

and we shouldn't really be talking about the 2400 right now b/c the problem still exists even with my 900mhz chip in. maybe the mobo is screwed up?


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Are there any jumpers that need changed for the new processor? To tell you the truth, as cheap as you can get a good motherboard (under $100) now a days I think I would replace the one you have now. Check out the ABIT NF7-S for a great board.


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the 2400+ should have worked prodj.. thats the thing

the way athlons and the boards work... instead of running @ the rated 333fsb they will run slower instead and you have to set the fsb manually in order to achieve the speed rating... its a safety thing considering people install cpu's over a wide spectrum wrt socket A...

since it never booted up it was probably something to do with volts I spose therefore its highly probable it was a motherboard issue... but again volts should be set automatically @ a decent level...

I'll have a look @ the board in more detail later but could you pop into the bios and jot down the volts for the cpu with your current config ?


ok did a quick read of the mobo and the volts settings are listed on most of the sites as 'default' which is, I am assuming, auto ?

and could you possibly list the bios revision you see when you boot up ? should be on the bootscreen itself prior to getting to the o/s near the top

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