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4 Dec 2001
Would it be possible to add a Computer/ Internet security group?
Anyone else think this would be a good idea?
Oops, maybe I should be more specific, a group to discuss spyware, patches, firewalls, virus scanners, virii etc...
I would agree with teh suggestion I made to rename the Networking forum to "Networking & Security"
Damn good idea frankly ;)
Damn, I would have rather seen a seperate group
Well, thats what the vote is all about ;)
If you guys wanna see it, an important part of forums is it's community ;)
gotta remember, we want forums that will have loads of interest - and thinking about it, this may generate that, virus warnings etc.
Could be cool
Sounds like a good idea to me Krom...

mail me or PM me your ideas mate

As far as I know, waddy said it should be up soon.
I agree. If the forum includes spyware, patches, firewalls, virus scanners, virii, and other stuff like that it should have its own forum, seeing as some are not related to networking.

The networking forum is for LAN, and internet connetion issues. We should make a new forum for security bulletins, spyware, firewalls, and other security (basically cause i wanna keep my forum :D)

It sounds like a great idea for a new addition to

Security forum

Would be good to sort out the problems security poses for the XP Home people as well as the Xp Pro users.

We move forward with new Technology?????

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