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Computer Hardware is acting weird.


I am what I am
hey guys,

I just receive from a friend a Celeron 600 with 192 MB or ram. No hard drive would be installed so I found a 2GB Maxtor to put in it. Before doing so, I removed everything to clean the case, and reinstalled everything properly. But here comes the problem : The system won't boot. It won't even go to the memory check, I see nothing. Everything is plugged (98% sure) correctly. The hard drive is working since I tried it in another computer. So any ideas what could cause this problem.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: ok ... i might have find somehting ... the fan of the CPU isnt working .... but it used to.... does it mean the power can't reach the mobo ? Might be the mobo dead ?? I dont hope ...


I am what I am
Hipster Doofus said:
If you have one lying around try a different PSU. If it does nothing when you power up then that is possibly the problem.
I installed a new 350W PSU like 2 weeks ago. The Computer does work ... I think its the mobo. I'm sure it's dead cause when I start out the computer, the fan of the CPU isnt running at all. I think I,m only going to buy another mobo ...

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