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My friend has this problem with his computer. He just bought a new mobo and new cpu. His computer wont go past POST 6 times of 10? The mobo is a ASUS A7V and a AMD xp1400. But when we put his old cpu back ( a AMD 750) it would go into Win without problem. So we came to the obvius conclution that it was a faulty CPU so we sent it back. But according to the it was nothing wrong with it. They could boot without a problem. So we updated the BIOS to the latest but that did'nt help. We pulled every card exept the vid card out of the comp, no luck. i dont know what to try next. can it be a mobo problem? Some BIOS setting that is wrong? Help please!


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I never had this problem. But I'll offer my idea I wonder if the Power supply is not got enough power to start everything at once. I will also say for anybody to help folks will need more info about the system, like what kind of drives and cards and anything else that way we have a better idea as to what it might be


its your cpu... its to fast for the motherboard or it is set to the wrong settings.. i would keep trying to see if u can get it to work


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I agree with chastity on this I have seen it over & over. Get a GOOD P/S one that is AMD recommended or approved will almost certainly work. We design & build systems mostly with AMD Athlon Processors. Once the speed topped 1 Gig the 250W P/S were just not enough. I personally do not build them with less than a 350W and I just changed my 500W for a 525W that is MP recommended by AMD.

Best of luck to you.


Ok, thanks for the ideas guys. Yes i can be the PSU. I know that from first hand becourse i have a Vapochill( case (hence the nic :D ) and a AMD/Geoforce combo so it takes ALOT of power....
Empiretank, I'm not so sure that the cpu is too fast fot the mobo, i have the same processor on my mobo (same cpu same mobo) and his computer DO start every 8:th try or so :/ But it can be a bios setting not sure which one though becourse i have the same setting as he does.

I'll get back to you with an update...

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