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Computer freezing



Hi all, ive got a prob, i get the blue screen saying IRQ_LESS_OR NOT_EQUAL, what does this mean, it tends to happen when im playing music, ive found that my lan card , soundcard, and videocard are all on IRQ 9 . Is this rite? can i change it? would this b the prob, i have reinstlaled XP several times and it still happens.

Doesn't sound right to me! Sound card should be lower, say 5'ish but the graphics card is about right on 9. I'm not sure whether the IRQ's can be tinkered with in xp, but one small thing you could check is that in the BIOS the Plug and Play OS (under PNP/PCI Configuration) is set to Yes. This allows windows to select the IRQ's

Conversely, if it is already set to yes, change it to no.
Also in the same BIOS page you will find one called "Reset configuration data" or something like that, set it to enabled, it refreshes the settings (it's a one off--resets itself afterwards.).

Perhaps our dear freind AlecS has some ideas.....ALEC YOU THERE??:confused:

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