Computer freezing + memory errors

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by zabes64, Feb 20, 2003.

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    Ok I'm not sure what is wrong with my computer and before I call Dell and talk to someone that doesn't speak English and doesn't know how to fix a computer I wanted to REAL input.. here is what happens:

    Occasionally in Explorer, AOL, AIM I get memory errors, saying it can't write to a certain place at some other place.

    I also have my computer just basically freeze, the mouse moves really slow, and when I click on a window it pops up, but is either blank or the window is there with the stuff that is now behind it in there. I can't shut down, I have to power it off.

    I've changed RAM and used different configurations with 5 different SIMMs so I doubt it is a RAM problem, could it be I got a computer with a bad motherboard and that could be causing all these problems? Thanks for helping out!

  2. mbunny

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    How long has your system been running???

    Have u tried doing a destructive restore?

    It may just merely be one of those Windows things. You can always get a memory tester... try SIMM Tester (google it).
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    whats ur specs? u probably need a new power supply.