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3 Jan 2002
Here is the deal, I can use my pc in real dosmode with no trouble, but when I got to winXP (or any other operating system) it freezes at random - sometimes it takes 2 mins, sometimes it takes 30 mins - but when it freezes, there is nothing I can do but reboot. No input from keyboard, mouse or anything.

I've run a very thourough ram checker and it didn't come up with anything. I've downloaded the lates VIA 4 in 1 drivers, that didn't help. I've downloaded all the updates for winXP - no good either..

My system is:

AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1200 MHz
512 MB DDR Ram
Soltek SL-75DRV Socket A Motherboard
Creative Live SB
HP cd writer 9350 i

2 old HD's..

I'm totally out of ideas now, and I really need to make it work so any help would be MUCH appreciated :)


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3 Dec 2001
You could check the event viewer to see if that will tell you what is causing it to lockup. Did you do a clean install of XP, an upgrade of an existing OS, or a full install over an existing OS? If you did anything other than a clean install you could try backing up your data files, reformat your hard drive and do a clean install of XP. Then do all of the Windows updates and see if you still have the problem. If you dont then install your apps one at a time to see if it is one of the apps that is causing the problem.


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25 Dec 2001
Could be getting HOT !

Try running the system with the case open and a big fan blowing in it.

If you stop hanging, then you have a heat problem. I would also look at getting a new HD.

Your HD might be slow and its pissing XP off from time to time !!!


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