Computer freezes when putting a dvd movie


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I've been running a computer for some time now. This computer is in the living room and used as a media center. I used to play DVDs with my PS2 but since I moved the console in my bedroom, I have to play DVDs thru the DVD reader of the computer. But it won't play DVDs... well not for a long time. After putting a DVD in, the movie starts for about 30 seconds and then the whole computer freezes. Keyboard & mouse isnt responding.. nothing. I can't even get out the dvd by pressing the button on the dvd player. The DVD player is a LG H10A GSA-4165B with DL5 firmwire. Oh yeah, i tried to update the frimwire from DL3 to DL5 without any result. Any guys could help me out ?

PC Spec

SuperMicro 370 DLE
2 x P3 800 mhz
40 GB Maxtor + 80 GB WD
DVD Writer LG H10A GSA-4165B
Ati Rage DVD+ 8 mb (hell yeah :p)
Aopen Sound card


Edit : I.m running windows 2000 with all update
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Do all DVDs do this?
-Some store bought, all store bought, ones you burned yourself?

-Copy protection problem? See above. Newer drivers and media players have more protection built in which is often problematic. Download and try VLC player. It is free and very friendly for video playback.
-Sound/video/Drivers? Latest is not always best but try making sure everything is at the latest version.
-Routine maintenance? Blow out the dust from PSU, HSF, case in general.
--If you smoke or rhe place is dusty try a DVD cleaner, the lasers dirty.
--Make sure the DVDs are clean and scratch free.
-Power supply too wimpy? Try a bigger supply if you have one in another PC.


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All movie on DVDs does this. As for the DVD playback, I use PowerDVD which I prefer to VLC. I could try and update PowerDvd to a newer version , and re-try VLC to see if it's a PowerDVD's problem. It's getting late, and I'l do this tomorrow. Thanks alot :)


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Ok, I think I found the problem. I installed VLC, played a DVD and everything worked fine. Then, I played the same DVD with PowerDVD and it crashed.... so I guess PowerDVD is the problem.... it's sad. I really liked PowerDVD interface... well thanks alot guys.
Wait! It's not powerdvd. It's a corrupted driver. VLC loads it's own.

Just uninstall and reinstall powerdvd and it should replace the drivers with a clean copy.

If that doesn't work try installing the kazaalite codec mega pack. It has all the drivers you "should ever need".


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If that doesn't work try installing the kazaalite codec mega pack. It has all the drivers you "should ever need".
sorry if i sound rude leejend, not my intention (hard to convey emotions through written medium... ;) ), but k-lite codec pack is a POS. it screws up more systems than it helps.

besides installing codecs won't help here, powerdvd uses it's own (cyberlink) MPEG-2 decoder, nothing else. my guess is it's your video card and/or drivers. videolan works because it's built in decoder, ffmpeg, doesn't do hardware acceleration.

let's start by turning off hardware acceleration in powerdvd :)


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nothing wrong with Kazaalite codec pack imho. Use it without having to care about divx installation or xvid or anyother. One stop shop i say.


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one stop shop yes, but 90% of the stuff you get is (redundant)junk you don't need. the junk clutters up your system, and is tricky to remove as a regular uninstall doesn't do it. this is the case with most codec packs, some idiot just decides to throw in a bunch of codecs he/she knows nothing about and releases it on the net for a supposed pack that "plays everything". codec conflicts usually require a clean windows install for the inexperienced
Been using Klite for 3 years, no problem. If it does introduce a problem just use system restore to remove the codecs. Windows tracks codecs because they are system files.

And my first suggestion was reinstall PowerDVD. The codec pack was a last ditch fix if reinstall did not work.