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Computer freezes on start up....


Old School XPeriencer

Here's the problem: Lately, when I turn on my computer, it will turn on and start the usual routine but after about 3 seconds, the hard drive light will remain red without any flickering and no signal being sent to monitor.

After pulling plugs and putting them back in, it might give me a signal on the monitor up to the point where it says, "Press the del key to enter...", and then it will freeze there.

I'm currently on the computer, only after about 10 attempts at turning it on.

If you've ever heard of it or know what the problem might be, I would appreciate it.

Ath 750
Azza MB
20 GB WD Hard drive
GeForce MX 400 32MB
28.32 Detonator's
Integrated sound


check your graphics card is seated in the agp slot securely, make sure that all your PCI/ISA cards are secure, check the case to see if any loose screws have shorted out the contacts on the MB, after that, make try shorting the jumper to re-set the cmos data, or remove the power cable from your PSU and take out the battery on the MB for about 5-10 mins, and re-start your PC, make sure the CPU fan is secured to the chip+it make sure it spins freely


Old School XPeriencer
Cool. I took it outside last weekend and got all the dust and **** out of there last weekend, but didnt play a lot with the wires.
I'll give it a go today.



Old School XPeriencer
No...the pc speaker doenst get a chance to beep.....it freezes right before that.

And the ram is the same ram i put in when i put it together. Havent added any. 512 MB pc-133.


Old School XPeriencer
I made a small mistake regarding the start up. I'm getting the beep at the start and I'm getting the memory test screen and the next screen too. Which is the master, slave, etc.

But it really hangs right there and then I lose the video signal and the hard drive light stays on.

Is it possibe for a virus to do something like this?


Can you get to the BIOS? if so, try lowering the memory bus to 100 from 133, and try that.. If that fails, have you tried resetting the CMOS data, just in case it's a dodgy BIOS setting that's stopping the system from booting.

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