Computer Freezes - CPU Temp Maybe?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Shirow, Sep 23, 2003.

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    My Computer is freezing after being left on for a while. It might be a few hours or a day or 2, but what happens is everything stops and my HD light is on. I force reboot and check the Event Viewer and nothing is listed in there. Only other thing I can think of is maybe the cpu is getting hot and just stops? You can see my Specs below.. right now the CPU is at 47 C, it will get up to about 55 C, and thats the highest I have seen it, though I'm never at the computer when it freezes. I recently got a new MB and redid the Heat Sync twice (Put to much Gel First time) 2nd time I put about a rice size on. I used Arctic Silver 3 and the Heat sync is pretty big (loud too) got it from Frys Electronics. So not sure what else to do.
    Any suggestions, please let me know. Maybe get a new case with more fans.. this one has 1 on the back, 1 in the Power suply, 1 on the side, and a "Cool Drive" on the main HD. The system temp atm is 32c. Thanks for any help. - Shirow
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    Are you hibernating it?
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    Temperatures are fine. It could be almost anything. A weak component, a program that is buggy, a glitch on the incoming power line or a quirk in the power saver function.

    Last stability test I saw said XP was only good for a few days between lock ups. Linux went for weeks and NT went for over a week. That test was like 2 years ago.

    Since it's happening while you are not using the system (low heat and light power supply load) my guess would be power glithces.
    A good UPS would help that but your talking some serious money considering the load on your system. Figure 735VA. NOte I said UPS not Battery Backup System. A UPS runs all the time. A batteyr backup system switches on and tries to catch the falling voltage (not always 100%).
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    Your temps look good to me - my CPU is usually clocking at 81oC and had hit 84 on occasions - althought eh case temp is more like 22oC.... I'm running an Athlon 1.6

    Here's a link to another thread -
    check out the MBM program, perhaps you may enjoy it's alarm features or it may give you different features - I recommend it anyway.
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    To test for overheating pull the case and blow a desktop/house fan into it.
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    those temps aren't really extreme..............if they were 20C higher then you would have a problem.
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    this may not be your problem.. but i experienced a similar problem and thought something was buggy but it turns out i had so much dust in my videocard fan that it was overheating...
    may not work.. but it's worth a look...