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Computer Eating PSUs?


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My computer seems to be eating PSUs. I got the computer, and the orginal stock PSU Died. I replaced it (a 90w) with a 180w, and after a couple hours of running the second PSU died. THe compuer would not power up, and the power LED turned Amber instead of Green when i pressed the power button. Nothing else powered up. Plugging in a 3rd spare powersupply started it normally again. Is it possible for a computer to constantly blow PSUs? How can this be prevented?



yep, definatly check for any grounding.

And are you using this 180W PSU with the system in your sig?
cause you should really be using at least a 300W for that system.


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of couse u have to get a bigger one! no way can a 90 or 180w handle ur NEW SUPER COMPUTER :blink:. anyways yeah seriously who gave u a computer with that specs and a gerble to run on a wheel to power it!:p


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i mean just to tell u something, mine computer is a bit better than urs and it was eating 300w power supplies! but after a day not right when i turn it on. 250w turned off right when i put my finger on the power button!:p


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No, the computer eating PSUs is a Gateway GP6-633, running an Intel Celeron 633MHz, 7.5GB Hard Drive, CD-ROM, and Floppy in a micro-atx formfactor.



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Originally posted by Vibe69
yea my PSU is making this moranic sounds it needs replacement
or just replace the fan...?

jjb... i would bet that the 90w psu wasn't enough for the system, but the 180w should be fine. so maybe the 180w was just a bad one. try one more time with another 150w+ psu and if it goes bad, then it's gotta be something in your system.


Yep, I would also say that for that set up a 150w would be fine. my old HP celeron 500mhz used to run on a power supply of 120W (with 2 HDs, 1 optical drive, and 1 PCI sound card.)

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