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Computer doesn't see router

Once I get this NAT router working, should I still use a software firewall?

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I have a Netgear RP614v2 router (which happens to be my first router ever), and I'm attempting to get it working as it does without the router, but my computer doesn't seem to see it. Here is what I have done:

1. Hooked up the equipment in the right order (DSL modem-->Router-->Network Card)

2. Turned off everything. Turned on the DSL modem, waited for about five minutes to make sure network works, turned on the router, waited for the test light to turn off.

3. Fired up the computer, went to, got a "Cannot Display Page" like it isn't hooking up the router.

Do you see anything wrong with this, or know any troubleshooting steps that I might try? None of my cables are crossover, and this configuration works in the absence of the router.


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perhaps try to set a static ip untill you have router config'd then you can go back to ip by DHCP if you want. :)


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can you ping that address? Try resetting the router, might not of been shipped with factory defaults, i.e. address.
I poked the reset button of my router, making a semi-satisfying little "click", so it's back to factory. It seems to be giving me the same problem, however. I'll try anything you suggest--this is my first time ever using a router.


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can you ping that address

usually you have to hold the reset button down for 15-30s to actually hard-reset it. The manual should tell you.

BTW, the DSL modem has no effect at this point, the ping will simply show you connectivity. Make sure you have the XP firewall or any software firewalls turned off, and the DHCP client service running if you expect to receive IP address manually.
Well, first off you have to be on the same subnet. So:
1. Do you get an IP address in the range 192.168.0.*? If you do, it should be working.
If no, then:
2. Set your IP address to and try to reach again.
Ok. I'll try as soon as I get off work. By the way, j79zlr, I hadn't reset it right. I did what you said, and experienced some progress, and I was able to ping the router. Maybe the router itself has a problem. I hope not...

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