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Computer desk...!!


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Im after a desk like this:

But made out of wood. Monitor on a seperate thing so its high enough. Enough space for keyboard and midi controller keyboard aswell (future purchase). Don't need the printer bit but might be useful anyway or something similar. Would like the main computer case thing down on the floor or on its own shelf low down.

Any ideas where would be a cheap place to buy one?

Also, is it easy to get hold of things like keyboard tray (if I was to make my own Id have a "desk" area for midi controller and mini disc and maybe other junk...).

Thanks ;)
I'd advice you not to get a desk like this. Having the monitor high is just not ergonomically right. The screen should be at the same height as the keyboard. You should look slightly down at it. Just get a sturdy desk, at least 90 cm deep, and use that. You can put the computer on the floor or get a tray for it that can be monted on the desk (or underneath).


Pretty slick lookin desk

Check out www.leevalley.com look in hardware and computer hardware. Top quality stuff. You can find all types of keyboard pullouts, swivel stands, gromet holes, cable track and hanging hardware to keep your hard drive off the floor. I guess cheap is a realative term though. By the time your said and done you probably spend around 500 bucks in material to build something like that outta wood (hardware,wood,screws,glue,sandpaper,finish etc) but youll have it customized. Bigger is always better so spend some time in planning. Personally I like just a real big flat space. I have 34"x72" and its gettin crowded.
Good luck with it
If you want to keep the price down look for a second hand drafting table (Ive seen ones with legs like that) and try to adapt it to your needs.
I'll have to agree with pizzadelivery on the size. Bigger is definately better in this instance. My desk is roughly the same size as his and it's always crowded (although I do have the tower on the desk which does eat up space).

My wife got a smaller desk because she was sure whe would never need anything bigger and now she has another little table next to it to hold stuff. :rolleyes:

I was a cheapskate though and only spent like 150 bucks. Its really sturdy, but plain. Just a flat top with drawers to either side.


Ergonomically, it's a lot better to have the screen straight in front of you. No need to look down or up. If you look down you have pains in your upper back/lower neck area. and if u look up your mid neck area becomes sore.

If your screen is directly in front of you then your neck should be in its natural position. Of course you could just look your eyes down but you have a natural tendency to move the rest of your head with it.

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