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computer d/c from cable modem?




I am having this incredibly annoying problem of my computer d/c from my cable modem. The modem itself never gets d/c and the cable company (chartermi, yes, nothing else is available) says that they show nothing that would be causing this and that the modem has been connected for weeks.

I am being d/c every 30-60 minutes and i need to powercycle the modem to get back online.

I have tried different ethernet cards but that doesn't make a difference which leads me to believe it is on there end and not mine, no matter what they say.

Has anyone else experienced this problem before or know of anything on my own comp that I should check out?



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This may not be your problem, but recently I was suffering drop outs in my cable signal so that I would lose connectivity on a regular basis. Apparently the signal was not strong enough. I was connected to a cable outlet that came from the living room and the cable guy gave me a very long cable to connect it to my modem in my bedroom. Well I had been using another wall outlet in my room for TV so I decided to use that receptacle and plug a much shorter cable into my modem. Presto! I was connected, my download speeds seem to have improved and I haven't been disconnected since.

Complex problem - found a simple solution. Hope that helps somebody!
I had a similar problem. Took months to finally get them out to take a look at it. It happens that the line they ran from the pole to my house when they installed it... had 14 kinks in it. I was losing so much signal my modem didn't like staying connected.


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Also the calbe company will Rarely if ever admit the problem is on their end even if they know it is. You basically have to threaten to cancle your service if they don't send someone out ASAP to take a look at it.


i do have around a 40ft cable running from my outlet to my modem, so ill see if i can get a shorter one, only need about 15 feet. thanks for the tips.

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