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Hey guys, Since my computer broke, I am planning on buying a new computer. I'm on a low budget and i found something that looks promising. Was wondering if you could tell me if this is like, good or not?

Here are the few questions I have: (being a computer noob.. lol)

It has a DvD burner. So does that mean I can burn things on DvD as well as burn things onto a normal CD?
Can the dvd burner read DvDs? (lol :S)
Is the graphics card good?

And that's all for now. thanks! =)
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Yes you can burn data as well as movies to DVD's and normal CD's.

Yes the DVDR can read DVD's

No, it is an integrated shared memory card.

I personally think it is a rip off, there is no monitor included. Is that price in canadian dollars [assuming it is]?


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ya, it's in canadian. its a canadian site

I'm not looking for something spectacular, and i got my own monitor and stuff, so yea. I thought it was a good deal. It's ok for like most games, movies and schoolwork right? That's pretty much what I'm looking for.


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Ok, I got the computer. And my old computer, which i got back, they said everything but the cd drives, and the harddrive was ok. So I was wondering if I can put my hard-drive and the cd drives on the new computer. Thanks


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If they said everything but the CD and HD is ok that means the CD and HD may be bad. Why put suspect equipment into the new computer?

You can install the HD and CD in the new computer. Check if the new computer ribbon cables have two connections at the ends and if there are 2 cables. If not you need to get 2 cables with 2 dribe end connectors each on them. Again using the ones from the old computer is risky since the cables could have been the problem. The cables for new machines also use 80 wires, the old ones only use 40 and won't work with your new HD.

To tell if you have 80 or 40 wire cables - The new ones are much stiffer and the ridges from the wires are smaller and closer together.

Warning - it is best to reformat your old HD before putting it in the new machine. Sometimes windows does not like seeing two boot HD's in one system and it can corrupt the new machine.

Safest way to do this is to disconnect the new HD, connect the old HD and use a boot floppy or a Windows install CD to boot from and then format AND partition the disk. After that you can reconnect the New HD. Make sure to set the jumpers on the back of the new HD and DVD to Primary and the old drive jumpers to slave.

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