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computer automatically shutting down

my very good friend is having some computer troubles.

her computer is automatically shutting down after connecting to the internet. its all the typical symptoms of the msblast jigger, but shes had that before and has the patch installed.

after rebooting the error message "lsa shell (export version) encountered a problem and needed to close." appears. error messages which i didnt catch have also mentioned "lsass.exe".

any ideas, guys?
its annoying not being able to talk to her online! :p
seems to have been cured up a firewall update.

thanks for the info Khayman, ill keep it bookmarked incase it creeps up again.


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Your friend has the sasser.a worm which was released this morning at 3 am. It exploits like blaster/welchia but instead of rpc service it crashes lsass.exe or laserve.exe Check www.symantec.com for help on it. I've submitted news on this and it should be up on main later.


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Also poke your friend and make her use MS update more as the patch for this vulnerability has been out for a bit now. ;)

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