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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by FishBoy, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. hey i just reinstalled windows again i've done a couple of times before but this time i reinstalled it after writting zeros to the disk, but anyways there are few weird things like in power management there is no options what to do if i press the power button, and there an APM tab never seen it before, and on the shutdown box there is no standby hibernate is there instead, and im not able to install ms office 2003 i always installed it with no toubles. can anyone help and sorry for this long msg
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    Turn on power managment in your BIOS, that is where my options are for all of that
  3. hi i just woke up and i was resuming my computer from a hibernate but it doens't resume the resume bar while loading gets to 100% and then freezes i had to restart and start windows normally... and i'll try the power management in BIOS but im sure i never touched that
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    Sounds like you may have installed Windows as "Standard PC" as opposed to "ACPI"
  5. well yesterday i reinstalled windows and selected repair windows, and it worked fine, and to right click in my start menu i had disabled "drag and drop", and my office 2003 CD was scratched so i used game dr to fix it :D so everything is working fine now :D:D