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Kaila Yu

Okay, this is going to be long.
Two weeks ago I got a GeForce Ti4200 128MB for my 18th birthday. I was definitely glad to get it. Only problem was that I would get audio loops :( I really didn't know what the problem was. I checked every possible problem with no luck. Well on the 14th day (last day to do exchanges at CompUSA) I exchanged the card and stupidly purchased a Radeon 7000 64mb for 79.99. I didn't research first. Silly me. Well at the time I purchased this card I paid an extra 19.99 to get a two year trade in for the card. This means that I can trade in this stupid card and if I wanted a new video card I would pay the new card price minus the Radeon price (79.99) Thank goodness I bought it otherwise I'd be screwed. Any btw...I would really like to play games somewhat smoothly. I was thinking about trading in the card for a card that would give me the same performance as a 64MB GeForce Ti200. Lots of things on CompUSA come VERY expensive, especially on the video cards. They're selling the Ti200 at an overpriced $199. I'm not really sure what to do. I can just pay $129 and get that card, but why do that when I can just buy one retail at that price elsewhere... If you have any suggestions just let me know.


Have you installed up-todate Mother board drivers? i had this problem once, the windows sound scheme would loop as soon as you would hear the click.. and what got rid of it was Motherboard drivers



comp 'usa'...? a gf3 ti200 for $199? that's expensive.... i'm getting a gf3 ti500 for $195 canadian..

Kaila Yu

Yeah its expensive...Well I've already returned that card and gotten store credit. I bought the Radeon because it said "64MB" Stupid me. I just need some suggestions on what kind of card to get next so I don't $*@@ up again.


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the amount of memory on a video card and the speed of the memory are two completely different things. i'd rather have 16mb of ddr than 128mb of sdram for video.

a 64mb geforce4 ti 4200 can be bought online for about $150 after shipping and everything... and it's actually faster than the 128mb version. . get gainward. but if you're not wanting to possibly face the sound problem again, you can get a geforce3 ti200 for the same price you bought that radeon 7000 for.

i'd do whatever i could to try and return that radeon 7000, though... including throwing a fit. }:>

Kaila Yu

Okay, well there would be no way I could get cash for this card. I already got this as a gift, and my friend that bought it for me paid with credit. I already exchanged once without that 15% restock fee and the guy was nice about it. If I go back to return it then they probably wouldn't let me do it. No matter what I do. I only have one solution, and that is to trade in this card and pay for another one at CompUSA. Notice the thread label CompUSA Video Cards. If I wanted a cheap card I would have gotten my money back ASAP. But there is no way to do that. If you know any good cards at CompUSA that are selling for less than 150 then post please. Thanks.


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well... tell you what... wait till the end of the week and go and get the radeon 8500... if you can... it should not be too expensive and give you more than competitive g3 comparison... it also has better image quality..

the reason I say that is that radeon is introducing new cards this week and the old ones will drop in price... so if they have the 8500... get it...

else the 7000 is not that bad... but it does not roar if you know what I mean...


they SHOULD be able to do a swap.. I am sure you can call in ahead of time and moan and groan and talk to the manager... if it has not been too long and tell em something... and then take your card in...

I dunno.. whatever you wanna do :D

g.luck kaila... keep making those HOT vids... wot


sazar, hhmm...... should i do the same? wait a little longer for my purchase of video card? when are the new nvidia cards being introduced and coming out? or do they introduce it and they come out immidiately? and what about the ati cards?

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