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Anyone know why sending the signal from the video card's SVID, converted to RCA, sent to RF modulator, converted to COAX, sent to VCR, sent to TV would show up in black and white???? :D weee!!

Its an analog TV and I don't have RCA long enough thats why the fuss.


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This page had some helpful suggestions perhaps it is my SVID - RCA adapter (its an old one that came with my Geforce 3 Deluxe a few years ago).

If you have Microsoft XP installed and have an ATI Mobility Radeon video driver the driver does not detect TV format automatically, instead it always outputs in AV2 Stereo format. Because of this you'll get a black and white picture on a TV which supports only AV1, but you'll get a color signal on a TV that has options for both of AV1 and AV2. You'll need to download the latest DELL C610 video driver from and then the laptop will detect the TV automatically as PAL1 and you'll get a COLOR signal with the S-Video to SCART adapter from
I'll just head over to the local Radio Shack to see if they've got something better. Unless you guys have a better idea...?

I switched things around a bit troubleshooting, its using the RF modulator directly to the TV using COAX now (same setup from PC to the modulator though).


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#5 has a SVid to RCA converter. Do a search on the site. It's less than $5 us. Then you can either buy a long RCA cable or what I'd suggest for that distance would be to buy 25' of Coax cable and then grab two coax - f connector adapters from radio shack. This way you have a shielded cable.


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You probably lost the colorburst signal in all the RF modulator. I'm surprised you can see anymore than a blur with all those conversions. Buy the cable, though with 25 foot you will probably get some hellacious ghosting.


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I went out and bought a new SVID-RCA cable and hooked it up to the modulator, then used expensive COAX cables to hook that directly to the TV; It looks just as good as any other COAX connection I've used, I'm using nothing but quality sheilded cables (wishing I'd just bought an SVID TV). I now have COLOUR though!

The black and white problem must have been the crappy SVID-RCA cable I had been using.


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Admiral Michael said:
check the pins, I had one that made the image black and white, turns out a pin broke.
Thats what the Radio Shack guy said but it looked fine to me, it was like 2 mm wide wire compared to the 1 cm wide wire I'm using now! Err, for you yanks I guess it would be about, 0.039" and 0.39".

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