CompTIA's A+ Certification

I'm getting ready to take that on the 16th. Right now I'm studying from the
correct exams.

I used them for the MCSA tests and the questions were the exact same ones as on the test. And here are some braindump links:

Hope that helps! Good luck!
I'm paying $135.00 for each for the cert. You have to take the hardware one, and the software one.

On Correct Exams, you can buy a copy of each for $30.00. A bunch of us went in on $100 for all of the exams that they offer, but that was a year ago so they are a bit outdated, but still good to study with.
Oh nice post ... I'm taking a prep course for A+ thru locale community college right now :)
I am about to start up reading for a+ certification soon :)

read the review books and most of it seems straightforward... need to brush up on the lingo a bit concerning hardware :)

I used 'A+ Complete, Third Edition Exam Notes' by Sybex and passed both tests using just that and of course my own experience with computers. The book cost me about $45 at Barnes and Noble. It covers the updated objectives and is certified 'course material' for use when studying for it by CompTIA.
thats the book I think I saw @ my local book store... about $40 plus tax :)

I'll have a look-see @ it...

I am mainly concerned about the CCNA @ the moment since thats what I want to do right now... but I'll keep studying for it after my A+
I'm reading All In One A+ Certification Exam Guide (4th Edition) by Mike Meyers, very good, lots of good info.
Cool, got some handy info here, great study resources!

I'm about half way through my book and yes, it’s pretty straight forward; just the older technologies were clarified, for me anyways. It seems as though it won't be too difficult, just lots of memorization of things like bus widths, pins, functionality and computer lingo.

Good luck to you guys on the exam.
Yeah, I took the prep classes for the A+ at my college and now I'm doing the ones for the CCNA. I'm skerd to take the cert on that though. Subnetting scares me. :eek: :eek: :eek:
Brandi said:
Yeah, I took the prep classes for the A+ at my college and now I'm doing the ones for the CCNA. I'm skerd to take the cert on that though. Subnetting scares me. :eek: :eek: :eek:
real jobs scare me ;)
A+ Certification by Michael Myers is well written- I only got it last week and into Chapter 4 - It seems quite straight forward apart from I hate binary - Hope it doesn;t come up too much in the exams.

I did find a useful online test - has different questions each time you visit.
I've taken the A+ tests and passed them. At least when I took them they were adaptive so depending on answers give you have a minium of 20 and a max of 30 questions per test. As for what was on them I don't remember any binary questions.
Binary is not that bad, in fact once you start using Octal and Hex its much easier converting to binary first, then to decimal. Especially if you don't have a calculator handy.
I really need to get around to taking the A+.

Also, what ever happened to Brandi?

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