Completely remove nvidia drivers


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14 Jul 2002
I've got a new card coming through tomorrow (radeon 9800 pro) and I was wandering how I would go about getting rid of all traces of the nvidia drivers for my geforce 4. I've heard that just uninstalling them ain't enough.
remove the card through device manager
do not reboot
remove the drivers through add/remove
reboot is automatic *grrrrr*
dont let it reboot swith off the power b4 windows loads

switch cards
run the nvcleaner
install new drivers


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Hmm, that's what I hate about switching brands... Just experienced it myself a few weeks ago.
I recommend a format, so there can be NOTHING left of the nvidia drivers. But that's my opinion. :)
dont you think formating is a bit much when you can remove all traces of old driver
the milkman said:
dont you think formating is a bit much when you can remove all traces of old driver

Sorry for offering my piece of advice. -_-
People recommended that I format when I changed from nvidia to ATI. I don't really mind though cause I'm comfortable with formatting. I guess some people aren't. Do what the other guys said, and don't listen to me unless you come up with problems. :)

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