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Compiling for dummies ;)

I installed PHP on my system with the purpose to test php stuff locally. Among the php files was a script that (apparently) needed the gd-library. I downloaded the gd-library from Boutell.com and it had to be compiled (I downloaded the Windows version btw, because I am using this under Windows), so I searched for a C-compiler. According to the manual provided with gd, mingw32 is a good choice. BUT, what next? I tried 'gcc gd.c', but all it gives are errors (see attached file) about missing files. Please guide me through this yet unexplored part of programming (I only did a bit with turbo pascal, but that are simple programs).


I believe recent versions of php already have the gd libary included.

Quote from http://uk2.php.net/function.imagecreatefromjpeg:
Want to make this work under Windows and wonder how to compile the gd lib into an already existing binary?
You don't have to. Just do it like this:

Download the Windows ZIP package from http://www.php.net/downloads.php
(You MUST use the ZIP package because the installer version does not contain any extensions. If you already installed using the installer version than thats just fine - download the ZIP nevertheless and continue below.)

Unzip the package to a temporary directory and copy the file extension\php_gd2.dll from there to your PHP folder (C:\PHP).

Open PHP.INI in your Windows directory, find this line:
; Dynamic Extensions ;

Below that find this line:
... and uncomment it by removing the ;

That's it! Isn't it fun to be a Windowsy while others have to compile?! ;)


Hope this helps
Well, at first it didn't work. (I had phpTriad installed, MySQL, Apache and PHP in one package). I ended up making such a mess, I installed everything, one by one. First Apache, then PHP (MySQL is not needed at this time). I made a backup of the last httpd.conf file used by Apache and crosschecked it with the new file for references to PHP. I copied all of the stuff I could find about PHP in the old file to the new file (in the appropiate places of course) and tada it worked. I hate text-files <_< >.<
Originally posted by X-Istence
WEll, dont compile for windows then =).
I didn't have a choice. I only installed this sh!t on Windows so I could use my Winamp (song) script again. With the only difference I added a FTP-upload section to it so that it will upload to my personal webspace at my ISP.
This is all for the time being, so long Geffy's server is 'offline'.

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