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1 Feb 2004
A friend gave me his old computer cause it didnt work to good anymore for him and hes getting a new comp soon.. I reformatted and fixed everything.. works great now.. my question is.. where can I find drivers for the sound card.. its an onboard sound card.. I have no clue what company it is.. doesnt say anywhere.. what drivers do I need to get for the compaq presario 5000 series to get the sound to work?
Did you try Compaq's website?? I dont know what OS your using (I assmued Win98) and I dont know the exact model or what kind of sound card but maybe this will help.
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Yes I tried the site.. and yes im using win98.. on the case.. on the bottom it says 5000.. but in BIOS it says 5102us.. but I downloaded drivers for that too and they STILL didnt work.. what will happen is.. I will click to install the drivers.. it will say its installing.. after a minute or so it asks me to reboot.. I reboot.. and the driver selection for the soundcard comes back up.. you know the thing that asks you to select a location where the drivers are at and such.. ahh.. its fustrating.. thank you for the help though..
PseudoKiller said:
what kind of sound card is it??

I have no clue.. its onboard.. but theres nothing anywhere saying what brand / model number it is.. it was given to me so I dont have the drivers cd nor the manuals
do you know what kind of chipset the board uses? either look under 'system devices' in device manager or pop open the case and look at the southbridge. should be VIA, SiS, or ALi, or Intel.

[edit] if via, try their combo audio driver.
Just a suggestion, but maybe drop $10 on ebay and order up a old sb16 or sumpin.

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