Compaq Desktop network problems

recently i reformatted a friends comaq desktop pc... around a yr old or so... and we have our 2 computers networked on a wireless linksys router.... i had them networked together just fine before until i reformatted the computer, due to the large amount of porn spyware and popups my friend created... but for some odd reason now the computer wnats to connect to the actual internet for maybe 30-60seconds, it will log onto yahoo instantly, but struggle with msn messenger and i cant go anywhere in internet explorer... and before i would hook the computer straight up to the dsl modem and it would work fine, but it doesnt even do that now.... if i hook everything up to my dell like the modem itsself or run through the router everything works fine.... and there for a while my dell was doing it too, but it hasnt done it here lately.... now to me this sounds like a router error, but yet i tried another router to and it did the same thing... so could it possibly be the NIC card?


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actually it sounds like you may still have spyware or malware or virus's still on the machine, did you do a full format, or just a reinstall of the Compaq software, alternately, you may not have the router set up, but we need more info on how the router it set up in the first place, but seeming that the computer drops a connection even when directly linked to the net its probably nothing to do with the router.

If you have a standalone nic, as opposed to an onboard one on your machine, try swapping it out into your friends and see if it works if so it the nic, otherwise my first idea is may be correct.


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also some virus's can survice a format, i think the hide in the boot sector of the disk, others will know more about this than me, and there are a limited amount of choices to get rid of one of those.
hmmm... i even tried a updated driver and still doing the same thing.... seems like the same spyware always ends up on the machine, so im guessin its prolly spyware hidden on the boot sector... non the less, im gonna try a new nic, and then take it to a pro, cause computers frustrate me and i give up on them too easily.. even though its a profession im still trying to get into today :nervous:


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then dont give up and find the root cause yourself.

it may be cheaper to build a new machine or buy a new h/d at least than have a shop or pro fix it.

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