Company of Heroes Review (sort of)


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7 Oct 2004
Well i just got COH this week, and i'll preface this by saying this is probably the single best RTS ever made, BAR NONE.

I'll start by saying the graphics are quite amazing, and no doubt would be far superior, if my system would run them.

POI: The smoke affects are great, the way the environment is destructable, makes the experience that much richer, oh and let us not forget the flying bodies, thats right, bodies and parts fly when they are hit by an explosion, even if they are dead.

Audio is very good, the musical score is on par with any movie.

Multiplayer, i've heard is very good, but i haven't as yet tested it (hence the sort of).

One remark i would post, is that the game doesn't allow too much for defensive play, it mostly forces you to attack all the time, sometimes its nice to build up fortifications and have the enemy come and attack you, although this does happen in the game, it doesn't happen as much as i'd like.

The actual models themselves are so good that if you zoomed in all the way to their little faces they are just as good as the models in DOD or COD2.

So to end, this is a deeply emersive game that i highly recommend to anyone out there, tired of the usual RTS fair.
Wow thanks for the semi-in depth review (sort of) you got going there Lancer. I have been waiting for something like this to introduce me to the game since I have been lazy to actually install the damn thing. No wait! let me rephrase that...I haven't the time to install the game lol but since you brought up some key segments here now I am hyped to find out what this game will look like running through my PC.

Multiplayer too huh?!?!?! Well looks liks its time for a LAN Party with my boys they have been asking me for one like three weeks ago. Looks like I got a game in my hands to test on a LAN party. YES!!! <<<like Fred Fredburger

Thanks Lancer Rep Points coming your way buddy.
thanks synical for the words of... errr praise? :)

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