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Compact thread?

heh I had that just last nigh in opera 8 :D

If mod_gzip was installed i'd say it was getting a little over-eficient since its not.... saves time rading the thread :D

Electronic Punk

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Could have been an issue with the post being made at the exact time the site went down and the entire sql query wasn't inserted correctly.
ie insert into thread ... then got cut off before the data, server was shut down and apache went down before mysql. Making excuses but it seesm to be a one of case and I have removed the thread. It was not a browser issue, I saw it also.

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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Yeah, it was all down to the glitches, if you see anymore post em here and we will get rid of them. Apache was (and hopefully that will stay past tense) randomly stopping so I imagine that was the cause.

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